Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time to post again

For some reason Internet Explorer is not letting me view my last post, so I'm hoping I won't repeat myself.

The last few days I've been major lazy. Just relaxing but so glad that the hussle and bussle of Christmas is over. Then I sat back and tried to remember what this was truly all about. Christ!! I did better this year about thinking of him more than in years past, but can still do even better next yr.

For New Year's Eve we just spent the evening at home. We were trying to see if some friends of ours would like to come over since they missed our Christmas party, but they had other plans. That's fine. Turns out dh took this time to install our new computer and take out our old one. Dd N had been sort of using our '98 computer, but it was just plain too slow. So she started using the main one. So I let dh know that we needed an updated one for ds R to use and then let dd N use ds. Now when I say ds' computer, I'm really not saying it's HIS. They are all the computers for the family to use. Each child has just become adjusted to a particular one so it's called their computer.

So as I walk into the school room I see dh taking it out of the box. I loudly ask if he needs help, thus attracting ds R's attention and boy the look on his face when he saw what his dad was doing. Thank goodness his eyes are attached because I swear they would have popped out lol. So now the '98 is out of the way, and the new one being customized to fit ds R.

Closer to 10 the girls had been playing and now were coming downstairs to lay on the couch and watch cartoon. I was just finishing making my last batch of divinity. I had told the kids that I would make a batch just for them after we were done with delivering to neighbors. So the kids were thrilled. So anyway, the girls are wanting to cuddle and pretty soon dd S starts snoring. I realize she's still in her clothes so I get her up and head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. We get pajamas on and pottied. Head for the couch. The girls start watching some old show (honeymooners and Dick Van Dyke show) and pretty soon dh brings out the horns and starts blowing. Boy they sure woke up dds.

Soon after I get out our special drink for Christmas and New Year's (sparkling apple cider) and we all have a drink. Once it's 11:40 we all sit down to watch Dick Clark's show. I haven't seen that guy in yrs and he sure aged quickly. His voice sounded like he might have suffered from a stroke or two. Ds R commented that he looked like he was maybe in his 30's. I told him that's what face lifts do and help you pretend you are younger. I'm guessing he's more like late 70's possibly even 80's.

So we countdown and at the strike of midnight we start blowing. We continued for about 5 min almost non stop. After about 15 min of off and on blowing, we finally settled down and got the kids ready for bed. Managed to get them into bed by 12:30. WHEW!!


The next morning dd S wakes me up at 8:30. Not bad considering how late she was up. I had her climb into bed with me to snuggle. After a min I told her mommy had to head to the bathroom and she could save my spot. As I left the room I could see that my ds R was not in his bed. Figures. He had gotten up at 7 and was enjoying the quietness of the morning while online.

Once everyone woke up by 9:30 and 10, I went up to get ready for the day. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and cleaning up. Dh continued programming the new computer. The girls played off and on and then after lunch time I told all the kids they were going outside. They managed to stay out for 40 min. Then they had enough and played inside the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the day snacking, cleaning and snacking again. I think I made too many goodies lol.

Decided to put the kids to bed a bit earlier now. Church this yr will start at 9 and so we have to start getting showers by 5:30am. We've done it before and can do again. We were just lucky to have this last yr in the afternoon. It's nice to have them in bed early. Gives me a chance to do stuff I need to and not be so late.

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