Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not sure if I'll ever catch up..

but I'll at least give you an over view of the last few days, otherwise I'll be too afraid to post lol.

Sunday morning we woke up to find snow on the ground. Not much, but enough. Dh had to head to church early to do some church work, so he left around 8:30. The kids and I got ourselves ready for church while he was gone. He arrived home around 10:20 in time to take ds R hometeaching It was still lightly snowing. They got back around 11 and we all had lunch, then left for church. When we got there, I saw some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. They were visiting family that also goes to our congregation.

During the 3 hrs there unbeknownst to me it started snowing pretty hard. By 4pm when we were dismissed from our classes it was about 4 inches deep. Most of the brethren went out to shovel while the moms and children got themselves all bundled up. Such fun, but at least none of us had to go out the rest of the day.

After dinner(yes Turkey) we got all our library books ready to take back. Mon morning we had a field trip and so when we would get back it would be too late to go over them then. After the books were done, we snacked and watched tv. Bedtime for the kids was about 9pm since we had to get up early due to the snow. Ahh the joys of winter and it hasn't even come yet officially.

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