Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, I'm waaay behind

Well to say the least I have been busy. Between lack of sleep and then getting ready for Thanksgiving, life has been crazy. Thanksgiving was a nice day. We slept in until 7:30 which is sleeping in for us. We're usually up at 5:30 to take ds R to seminary but since it was a holiday we took advantage.

Since dh was going to be making the dinner, I had the job of getting the kitchen cleaned up and ready so he could have clean everything. Did pretty good. The girls mostly played and watched videos. Ds R did online stuff. Around 3 dh started in on the rest of the food and by 4pm we were ready to eat. Turkey, sutffing, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls(homemade, I might add), corn and peas. We, of course, all ate waaay too much, but mom really over did it. I ended up with an upset stomach about 3 hrs after eating. Not a way to enjoy the evening. We did manage to get all the Christmas boxes up and out of the crawl space and into the frontroom. But that's where they stayed until Fri.

Around 5:30 we watched Polar Express. This is starting to become a Christmas tradition as of last yr when we purchased it. We all enjoyed it except dd S who is 5. A bit too realistic, but she cuddled with me and I made it out to be fun. Then the kids watched some lighter Christmas shows. Around 8:30 bedtime. By 9:30 all the kids lights were out and by 10 I was in bed.

Fri was woken up by dd S for her chocolate milk around 7:45. That was fine and I felt a lot better. Went down and got her drink, then cuddled with her until she fell asleep again. Then had some online time for a bit. Around 8:30 everyone was up and getting breakfast. Around 10:00 I showered and then started having the girls help me clean off the book case of all the knick knacks. Then I did my yrly polishing. Seriously, I hate polishing and dusting just so I can do it all over again the next week. I have tons of other more important things to do again and again to worry about a bit of dust. It does get an occasional wiping when we move stuff, but otherwise I don't worry.

After doing this, I sat and rested. We have A LOT of dusting that needed to be done lol. Then went in and did some dishes to catch up and clean up. Dh took out the boxes with lights on them and started going through them. Pretty much the day was spent getting ready for Sat to actually decorate.

The girls then watched a few more Christmas DVD's. After a bit I had the girls go out with me and get rid of the pumpkins and other fall decorations and put them away in the garage. We then put out the winter/Christmas decorations and was surprised that the outdoor stuff I put in the ground, actually went into the ground.

Evening time we just continued snacking on turkey and the trimmings. Bedtime for the kids around 8:30. Lights out by 9:30.

Sat was waking up around 7:30 with dd S and her drink. Which was ok, because we had gotten some good sleep now. Came down stairs and found ds R already up and online. This is a surprise because as of late, he's been sleeping in till 8 or 9 with all the late night and other stuff going on.

By 8:30 dh was up and had gotten dressed so he could do lights outside before the cold weather really hits. Dd N wanted to watch a movie "Elf" and I said she could, but as soon as I was done with my shower, I would have the girls clean out their room so they could put Christmas stuff in there. So around 11 we started in on our decorating. The girls quickly brought down all their toys that weren't being played with and then I gave them odds and ends of Christmas stuff to put in their room. I then proceeded to have them help me decorate the built in book case with my Christmas stuff. Dh and ds R went out and started on the lights. Eventually both girls got bored and dd N decided she wanted lunch. Dd S choose to go out and watch the guys. This was entirely fine with me since it gave me time to decorate how I wanted to without the "help" given by my girls.

As we continued, I noticed that we seem to be missing one box. I went down in the crawl space 4 times to check, but no Christmas box. This is very puzzling. After a bit, we all stopped decorating and plopped on the couch. I didn't realize how exhausting it was just decorating. I think it has a lot to do with having mild colds right now. Sniffles.

Finally we are done for now. Dh and ds R did a great job on the outside lights. Dh even did the 2 main frontroom windows with lights. Now all I have to do is the big tree after our Christmas party. Right now there's only room for chairs for people or our tree lol. People come first.

Around 5:30 we headed out to get dinner. I wanted something different besides turkey. We'll get more on Sun so I needed the break. We also stopped off and got some much needed milk and eggs. As we were shopping, I believe some old acquaintances were there. We haven't seen them in 10 yrs probably. She didn't seem to recognize me, but as soon as I saw the dh, I looked at her and realized it was. Too bad we were in a hurry to get ds R to a dance or I would have tried to get up my will power and talked to her. Maybe we'll bump into each other as Walmart during the Christmas season. One can only hope.

Right now the girls are quietly watching a video and dh has gone to pick up ds R from the dance. It'll be a late night since he'll have lots to say and the girls will want to hear it. Good think I'm getting some online time right now. :)



.... said...

Whew! Did'ya get hand cramp from typing all that?! ;)

Sounds like guys had a nice time together.

I will have to dig out my Polar Express. I loved that but have only seen it twice...

Karies place said...

LOL yep, I did. Had to shake out my hand several times before I could continue. :)