Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Field trip to see Titanic

Mon morning comes and I get up a bit early to see if the schools have closed due to all the snow. We received about 5 inches Sun evening. No schools closed means dh and ds R still go to seminary. While they are gone I get things packed up for the day. I get dd N up and she has time to eat some breakfast before we go. We're planning on leaving around 7:30 since we need to be to the museum by 8:40 and with all the snow, you just never know.

Well, the roads weren't bad, but you would never have known it from the way the traffic was driving. SLOOOOW! It sure was a good thing that we left when we did. We arrived at the museum at 8:40 just in time to get the tickets we needed. This exhibit we were seeing was info and items from the Titanic. It was very interesting and even my 5 dd S was mostly interested. I think the thing she liked the most was the huge ice "berg" they were letting everyone touch. After the exhibit was done, we headed out to the rest of the museum and just wandered and looked at the other stuff. We finally left there around 12 to get lunch.

After lunch we did a few errand stops then headed home. At first I was trying to encourage the kids to get going and get their books, but dh suggested playing in the snow first while it was still light, then head to the library. So we did. I'm so glad that we do morning library. Evening wasn't horrible, but I like mornings better.

Arrived home and just rested. It had been a long day.

Tues was just as busy since we had to be to the church an hr earlier than normal. Well to start out day we did our normal devotional. Then had kids do math. By the time we did that with a few interruptions, it was time for dd S to head to her final art class for the semester. She had 1 project left to finish. She still didn't quite finish it in class, but was told she come back while the older kids were doing their gym class. So while she finished her project, I helped bag the remaining art projects into family bags to be collected at celebration day.

Once we got home from all the classes, I left the kids home and picked up dh. Once home I realized that I wouldn't have time to fix a nice dinner AND still be able to eat so we once again feasted upon the rest of the turkey. Yes, it's almost gone now lol.

Left for kids classes around 5:45. Dd N had her first volleyball practice so while she did that, dd S and I walked the halls. Ds R read his coding book and dh did some computer stuff in the clerks office.

7pm my ladies who I teach basic signing to, arrived so we headed into one of the classes. 2 of my ladies were missing due to illnesses. Dd S and I signed some Christmas songs and just had a nice time chatting in between.

Left church afterwards around 9 and let the kids have a late evening of reading to settle down. I usually don't like that, but figured I would have a really hard time with dd S so reading was much better alternative. Bedtime by 10.


Shelly said...

We got to visit the Titanic exhibit several years ago and loved it!

I remember that chilly room with the iceberg!

Karies place said...

Oh yes! My youngest took a few tries before she would touch it, then she just wanted to stay there and feel it lol.

Ritsumei said...

Signing class... what fun. Can I come?? I talked the interpreter into teaching me in her free hour when I was a sophomore in high school. It was wonderful! I've seldom if ever had a chance to use it though, so I'm more than a little rusty. Thought about being an interpreter for a while.