Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Caught up at last

or at least for now lol. Today was a stay at home day which was just fine with me. I had some major cleaning to do to get ready for our party on Mon. I managed to get most of the school room done before exhaustion came upon me. I had told the kids that as long as they didn't argue and such that I would allow the week to help clean and play. Day one, so far so good.

The morning was spent being lazy. Then we had lunch and I suddenly realized the day was going by quickly so I needed to get some stuff done. Did pretty well, just need to vacuum and do a bit more straightening. The dining room book case is next, although it's not to bad. The kitchen will be my next major project since it has been a bit neglected lately.

While I was doing this cleaning, the snow decided to come again. It was predicted to be about 3 inches and that's what we got. Ds R decided to help his dad out and try and keep the driveway cleaned out. He did a really great job, but I suspect he will be really tired in the morning and very hard to wake up for seminary.

For dinner I decided that most of Thanksgiving dinner was done so I made lasagna. I wasn't really in the mood, but knew that dh would need some lunch for tomorrow since I would have the car for ds R's dentist appt. So I made it but was very tired in the process. But at least he'll have a good lunch.


Tricia said...

Sounds like one of those winner days to me. Thanks for your prayers for our son.


Jess said...

Hey there busy momma... =)

Love the new background... very holiday!! Makes me want some hot chocolate.. lol...

Hope your well and that all turned out okay.... mm.. lasagna... turkey.. its all good.!!=)

Karies place said...


You are welcome!

Karies place said...

Jess, lol yes I feel like some days I just never stop. Thanks, I'm big into Christmas stuff. My dh told me that I sometimes tend to go overboard. I told him that's fine since it's only 1 month out of 12 lol.

Yeah, if you're hungry enough it really doesn't matter which. lol

JADsMama said...

Wow! Have y'all ever been busy!!! I bet the Titanic stuff was really neat! :) I love homeschooling for those types of experiences that the kids don't get in ps. Not to mention the fact that we can go when ps is still in session meaning much less activity. LOL

JADsMama said...

Hi Karie!
I am guessing you have remained busy as you haven't posted in a few days. Quite unusual for you since you normally post every day. :) I look forward to your next update. I hope you & yours are all doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. :)
Blessings and hugs,