Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The weekend

Our weekend was a busy one. Sat morning was Super Saturday. This is an event for women ages 18 and up to do some crafts, enjoy each other's company and eat! It lasts all morning and a bit in the afternoon. Dh had to help babysit, but was also on the work phone listening and talking to co-workers about stuff. So he helped watch dd S while I took dd N with me. The young women were invited to join their moms so I had my young woman with me. We made a homemade wreath out of a ladies branches and a swag. Lots of poking from the branches, but lots of fun also.

Then we had a lunch of burritos and whatever fillings we wanted. Then we attended a Christmas treats class and I got to see some really EASY and fun ways to make treats that don't take hours to prepare. And most of all, they taste yummy! Then we helped clean up a bit and left for home. The girls played for awhile while I cleaned up the house a bit. Later in the afternoon around 4 ds R arrived home from his campout. Dh was still on his call (he did manage a couple of brief breaks) so I told ds R to be quiet and head to the frontroom since he had come in through the school room door. He had lots to say about his campout and helping another scout with his eagle project.

By this time dh was off his call (again briefly) so ds R told him some of the things that happened. Apparently the had police officer visitors at the Eagle project site. One of the neighbors must have called thinking some young punks were spray painting grafitti on the ground. There had been some of that happening earlier that week. So the officer talked to one of the leaders and got it all straightened out. Of course, ds R told everyone at church about the incident and most of them got a kick out of it.

Around 6:30 dh took ds R to a local dance for the youth 14-up. So I let the girls just hangout for awhile. Around 8:30 I got them ready for bed and then allowed them to sit quietly and watch videos until ds R arrived home. Around 9:45 dh let me know he was going to pick up ds R. They arrived back home around 10:30 and the girls were excited. Make for a long night of getting ready for bed, but eventually I succeeded in getting them there. WHEW!


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