Monday, November 17, 2008


It snowed today! AAAGGHH!! Ok, it wasn't all THAT bad, but it snowed enough that some of the ground area was covered with a light dusting. My kids and I were on our way to Walmart when we drove past a construction site. As we continued on our way, a huge wave of what we thought was dust, came tumbling down. It was SNOW! We were all chuckling with shock at this.

Later on this evening dd N and I were picking up dh and as I was driving, I noticed some of the roads were a bit icy. So we drove a bit slower. As we neared the turn off point that we normally take, we noticed lights ahead of cop cars. We ended up having to turn around and take a different route to dh's work. Everything turned out ok. I had left ds R and dd S home and was glad. Dd S would have been very bored. She's only 5 and when it's dark she can't see to play.

Hopefully things will be better in the morning because I will be taking dh to work since I need to take the kids to art and gym in the afternoon. Prayers for safe travel would be appreciated. :)



.... said...

Oh heavens! We had enough snow here last year, long enough, to last me a lifetime. I dread winter. sigh

Karies place said...

Oh, I feel the same way. SOOOO not looking forward to another winter the same or worse. As long as they keep the roads de-iced then I'll be ok...I think. lol