Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sunday morning was a hard one since all the kids stayed up late. Dd S however, must have a timer in her. She was up around 7:30 for her chocolate milk and then dozed off again. Dh came down around 8:30 for his breakfast. He had another phone call happening at 9:30 so I quickly did my shower thing while he cuddled with dd S.

After I was out, I attempted to wake up ds R. This was around 9am and we needed to get the kids' showers in soon. I finally convined dd N that she needed to shower first and then ds R since he was still sleepy.

Finally we were all ready, but dh was still on the phone. He finally managed to get off just as it was time to leave.

Church was normal stuff. Then afterwards I got set apart for my calling as ward calendar specialist. Makes sense since I'm also ward bulletin person. The calendar person just makes sure that the other auxilaries let me know what events they want included in the calendar and then I make sure no one else has those dates. Ward bulletin person just makes sure each weeks program is in order AND announcements(thus the calendar) are there as well.

After arriving home we had dinner. Then dh and ds R headed off for hometeaching for the evening. Finally around 8:30 everyone was home and it was time for bed. Another fun filled exhausting day.


Angela said...

Great blog- I love seeing what other homeschooling LDS families are doing! Hope you don't mind me popping by!

Karies place said...

Good morning Angela and no problem. Glad to have you "pop" in. I see you don't have a blog set up yet. When you do, please feel free to add yourself to my following.

I, too, love to see what other LDS homeschooling families are doing. Feel free to check anytime. :)