Sunday, November 16, 2008

The weekend and Fri

I was thinking about posting on Fri evening, but with ds R gone on his campout, the girls were in the frontroom trying to stay calm(yeah right lol) and watch some videos. But as the evening wore on, I decided not to. Just too tired, so now here I am Sunday evening and I'm still tired lol. Oh well, I'll give it a stab.

Fri was giving the girls a day off to play while ds R worked on his Eagle report. This has been a long process for him and us. However, dh and him finally ordered the photos of the project last night, so today we would be picking them up. He worked on it until it was lunch time. He sent an email to his dad with the work done and we headed down to Walgreens so that he could personally pick up his photos and headed home. Ds R was also expecting a friend to come over. The same one he had last Fri.

Had lunch then while we waited for our friends to come over, I had ds R start packing. Thankfully, he did because they didn't leave until 4 and they got here around 2. I think ds R was a bit less excited after this visit. The boy apparently is "obsessed" with skate boarding and ds R is not. He was polite and listened to him. I think he was thankful when we came in to check on things and suggested they look at some stuff ds R had created.

Once they were gone, ds R continued getting ready, but was pretty much done. So around 4:30 we headed out to pick up dh and then head over to the drop off point which was the scout masters house. Left there around 5:30 with ds R grabbing his coat and gloves. It was going to be a chilly night. Headed out to Kmart trying to find those converter boxes for out tvs. Didn't find much so we headed home. Once we got home and settled, dh got paged. This was 6:30. He was still on the phone with work computer at 10:30 when I decided it was time for bed. He didn't come to bed until midnight. Poor guy.


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