Friday, November 7, 2008

Due to dentist visit

our morning and pretty much our day just kind of went out the window. Dh had made dentist appts for the kids since it's been almost 2 yrs since they've been to one. This dentist they went to is dh and I's dentist. Since dh's work changed insurance companies, the other one wouldn't accept the kids' old dentist so we have switched to this one. In the 4yrs we've been going to him, we've been very pleased. He's very open about what he's doing and lets you make the decision on what you feel needs to be done IF there is one to be made.

So we left the house around 8:30am and arrived(after fighting many stop lights) around 9am. His office was quiet, the receptionist hadn't arrived yet but he has no partners so he's all on his own. We walked in with a plan for how to make this as easy as possible for dd S. And to make it even easier on us, the dentist asked us how we wanted to do this. So nice. So we had dd N go in and the dentist let dd S and I go way in the corner(about 8ft away) so we could observe but still be out of the way.

After the dentist, dh took us home and then off to work. By this time it's rather late in the morning and the kids are asking for a bit of a break since their mouths are a bit sensitive. So I said fine. So we took yet another day off. This whole week has been like that. Oh well, even if they're not getting book work done, they are learning how life works.

Later on we did some house work. Much NEEDED housework. The kids weren't thrilled and kept trying to say their mouths hurt but I wasn't falling for that now. lol Did laundry, dishes, and clean up of rooms. The kids then begged me for a fend night, which I said fine. So all in all we've accomplished a lot as far as everyday stuff so I guess we've done well.

Later that evening dh was intently watching something online. Turns out it was protestors against Prop 8 marching in the L.A area trying to get to the Los-Angeles-Temple (LDS). The police officers did a really good job of keeping the group(consisting of 3 to 400) contained so that traffic flowed without too much trouble(remember this is CA). Apparently it took them about an hr since they either didn't seem to know WHERE the temple was, or they were being directed by the police in a different route. Either way, it was interesting to see this march happening. Apparently they are planning on protesting outside of Temple-Square in Salt Lake City. Apparently they are also planning a to send postcards to President Monson in protest. Not going to do any good, but whatever. He's a man of God and isn't afraid of these people.



Michelle H. said...

Dentists!! I've always hated dentists and recently found the perfect one (thanks to a close friend). Don't worry about missing book work! ;) It isn't as important as most people think.

.... said...

It is frustrating when an appointment throws off your whole, isn't it?

JADs Mama said...

It is great when you can find a good dentist. :) We were blessed because our dentist homeschools as well and are in our homeschool group. (though we didn't know this when we first started going to him). I am glad all went well.

It is sad that there seems to be a protest about everything these days. Especially over something like this...can you imagine what kind of protests would have been held had Obama lost?!?!?! Our country is in sad shape right now. We (America) needs to step back and look back to the Lord. :)

Thank you for all the posts on my blog. It always brings a smile to my face when I see I have one from you!


Karies place said...

Yes, it is. We'll just have to go extra hard next week. lol Kids will love that...NOT

Karies place said...

Micheele h. I, too, have always hated dentists, but lately we've had some good luck so we're hoping this one will stick around.

Karies place said...

jads mama, yep you are right. When you find a good one, hold on tight.

Yes, it is sad that people can't just let things go they have to protest about everything. I realize they have this right, but sometimes people just go too far.

As for posting on your blog, I'm glad you like seeing my posts. Sometimes I feel like I might be bugging you too much. :)