Thursday, October 16, 2008


We just received our quote for the cement work needed. Over $3,000!! OUCH!! I don't know if that's a normal amount for what we want done, but if so, I guess I'll be giving up my patio idea and we'll just do the porch. Maybe get some friends over to help. WOW!!



Micke said...

We have a friend of the family who does cement. If you would like I can give you his name and you can talk to him about it. I am not sure if he can do it cheaper but at least you could find out if your getting the best deal. Let me know if you interested.

Vania said...

Does he crush the rocks himself to make the cement??? Wow! ***eyes bulging out of my head***

Just a suggestion, we use the 1 ft. square cement blocks from Home Depot/Lowes to make ours...they would be cheaper and you could buy them a few at a time if needed. (we are making the kids an 18 foot x 18 foot square in the backyard for them to ride their bikes because our driveway is a slope and the people drive too crazy in our town to allow them in the streets. Just a thought. :)

Robert said...

Are you still desperate? :P