Friday, October 17, 2008

Another day gone by

This morning (Thurs) I told the kids that we were going to get going and do school work so that by noon we would have math and history done. Maybe even another subject. I'm just tired of being done with the devotional by 9or 9:30 and only getting math done the rest of the 2 or so hrs. Especially with ds R. Dd N usually gets 2 things in so I'm usually not too worried about her. Although we do have our moments.

So our day was doing the devotional, then getting right on the kids to start their studies. My 2 oldest ds R 15 and dd N 12 are way old enough that they need to do serious school work and they usually do. Dd S is almost 5 so I really don't push anything on her. I will suggest things for her, but if she's not in the mood, eh we do something else. I did do something a bit different this morning. I had dd N do her spelling words first instead of math. That's something she can do on her own. That way I can concentrate on dd S for a bit so she's get some of my attention before I do serious stuff with dd N.

The morning went pretty good. We did manage to get 2 to 3 subjects in before lunch. Dd N did3 and ds R did 2. But that's ok we're getting there.

After lunch I had all my kids write a letter to their grandma(my mom) to update her on what they have been doing. She lives in another state and so doesn't get the chance to see them very often. Then I had ds R get to his report that his dad assigned him. Dd's went off to play for a bit.
I got some household chores started and done. Not always a fun task but it needs to get done.

A bit later, ds R comes to me to give me a partial report on what his report is about. And of course, at the moment, I draw a blank on the subject. If I remember it later on I will try and post it.

Rest of the day is not much. Ds R continuing on his report and girls doing their thing. Dinner time comes and then I head outside to chat with our walking neighbors. These are neighbors who are in their mid 80's who still walk almost everyday. Very nice friendly couple. They have lived on this block for about 40 yrs. Can you imagine living in one place for that long? The longest any place I lived before getting married was 7yrs. Once married the longest we've lived anywhere is in this home we're living in now and that's 5 yrs now. Amazing to me.

Around 7pm we had our hometeachers come visit us for awhile. It's a young man in his mid to upper 30's who came with his 8yr son. His companion was unable to come. They are good friends of ours and so we chatted for 45 min. They hadn't had dinner yet so we decided they need to go lol. But we had a good chat.

Once they left I put on a video for the girls and gave them snacks. Dd S was commenting that she was tired. So bedtime, when it happened, was relatively easy. She was tired.

After I put the kids down, I went to join dh on the computers. That's when I received our quote from the cement guy. As you can probably see from the last post, I don't think we're going to go with him. Waaaay too much for what we want done. Guess we'll just keep looking around.


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