Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just another day

I was hoping that we would have another repeat of Tues, minus the classes we had to take, but the day was a little bit bumpier. We still managed to get in Saxon-math, Teaching-Textbooks-math and history , but we sure struggled. Ds R had many questions to ask me about(can't remember what they were right now) and so we ended up chatting for 30 min. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's great that my teenaged ds (15) loves to talk to me about things and get my opinion, but he seems to ask these things are the most inopportune times. I've told him I do have other times when he could talk to me about things, but he always manages to get when he needs to do school. I think it's his way of seeing how far I'll let him go before I finally say "no more" and make him do school.

I finally got the kids to buckle down around 10, which actually wasn't too bad, but because we had ended our devotional at 9:30 that meant 30 min went by with just goofing off. Guess we needed it but hoping Thurs will be better.

With the history stuff, I found that as we were reading, ds R would pull up images of what we were reading about so the girls could understand what the item looked like. We just finished reading about a pharoah named Cheop and how he was buried in a tomb that the Egyptians tried to hide away from grave stealers, but after time the theives finally found it. I think my kids are really liking this history curriculum. We tried listening to the CD borrowed from a friend, but my kids like to make comments about things, and I found they couldn't do this with the CD. Reading aloud works much better.

We went until 12:30 and then lunch. Dd S was very tired at this point so I had her go watch a dvd while we finished. Then around 1 the doorbell rings. I'm a little surprised but once I answer the door I remember it's my friend from church who was going to take me material shopping for a skirt she is going to make for me. I looked at her patterns she brought and immediately liked one of them, so that meant we didn't have to shop for patterns just the material. We headed off to get that at our local Joanne's fabric, leaving ds R with dd S. Dd N and I headed off and pretty much found what I wanted right away. Unfortunately this particular type of material had been put in the wrong isle. It would have cost $25 dollars for just 4yds of this material. YIKES! After looking around more I decided that I would take dh sometime and we would go looking ourselves. Dh has a way of finding good stuff at reduced prices.

She brought us home and left. So the rest of the afternoon was pretty much shot from what I had wanted to do. So I just had ds R start working on his report from dh. The girls went off to play for awhile. They hadn't done much of that in a few days. I just kind of cleaned up and such. After a bit I had the girls help me get laundry started. I didn't do laundry on Sat since I was waiting on the 2 other ones to get home and do theirs but it just didn't quite happen that way. So we had a huge pile of clothes.

Close to dinner time I'm now making lasagne. The 2 older kids love this so I try to make it twice a month. It is very time consuming but I don't mind since they do like it. Around 5:30 dh arrives home and settles for a bit on the couch to relax. I get dinner on the table and the kids proceed to eat. We're waiting on the cement company to come by and give us a quote on our porch and back patio. Our front porch is literally falling apart. The guy told us it would be minimum of $500 with just the cement. He would add labor into later on and email me the quote. Then dh and I will decide if we want to go ahead with it. He sounds like he'll do a good job, we just hope for a decent price.

Once that was done dh and I chatted about his work stuff for a bit. Then eventually the girls came down and wanted to watch some tv so ended that. Soon it was bedtime for the kids. Dd S did very well in getting ready. She still fights it but realizes sooner that if she doesn't settle soon the book reading is gone. So bed time and quiet time once again reigns in our household.


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