Monday, October 27, 2008

The weekend post

Well I remembered to post a seperate post for the weekend. Friday's post was just too long. Sat was a nice day. I was actually able to sleep in until 7:30 I think. Considering all other mornings I'm up at 5:25 am that's not bad. The only reason I woke up then was dd S was ready for her morning chocolate milk. So down the stairs we went. Around 8 am ds R woke up for the day. Lately, when he's gotten lots of exercise the day before, he tends to sleep in. So this was the case for Sat.

Around 8ish dh wakes up with being paged. At this point dd S was asleep on the couch. So I got up and fixed me breakfast. To make a long morning shorter lol, dh did his phone call while I got the girls up around 9. He was on his phone call for about 2hrs. I sat in with the girls in the frontroom while dh did his call. Eventually after getting ready for the morning, I sent the girls outside to play with brother. I then went out and did some raking. Now the reason I mention this is because I really didn't have to rake, the city wasn't coming to pick it up, I just needed a reason to be outside with the kids and not be freezing. So I raked.

That last about an hr then my two girls decided they had enough of chalk drawing with ds (he was thankful lol) and came and helped me. They did pretty good until dd N said she was tired(or bored lol). She went in. Dd S was still going with lots of energy. She did pretty good until she decided it was time to jump in the leaves. This was at the point that I was ready for her not to be helping any more. But since it really didn't matter with the leaves, I just simply decided it was time to stop. Besides it was almost 1 and I'd been outside for almost 2 hrs raking. So inside for lunch.

The rest of the day was spent with the kids goofing around inside and dh and I trying to do some fall cleaning. Yes fall cleaning. Spring cleaning didn't happen so fall is working. Got our bedroom windows all nice and clean and the room vacuumed. Aired out the room since we needed to open the windows to clean. Thankfully the air wasn't freezing.

Finished up and got settled for the night. Long day and we needed to rest for Sunday.

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