Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weekend cont....

I almost finished my weekend post yesterday. Guess a lot happened and I needed to stop. So I'll begin with Sun now. Sunday was normal Sunday. I ended up having to get up early because I had forgotten to do the ward-bulletin so I needed to get up early to get it started. So I get up around 6am and after 20 min or so dd S comes into the room upset. She's had a bad dream. Ahh poor thing. I do admit to being a bit frustrated since the whole reason for me being up this early is to get this bulletin done. I finally get her some chocolate milk and she falls back to sleep. Luckily, when I got interrupted, I was mostly done. Just needed dh to edit it.

The rest of the morning was just making sure kids got up and got ready for church. Some Sundays this is easy, others times it's a chore. Thankfully we didn't have too much problem. We, of course, did let them sleep until 8:30. But ds R needed to be up and shower after dh since he had fast-offerings to collect this morning.

By 11:30 am we were ready to head to church. Church was the normal stuff. Dh had a meeting and I had to make copies of the bulletin. Church started at 1pm. We had our fast-and-testimony meeting to day. It was actually pretty good since we didn't have anyone talking about traveling or what not. Sometimes we get that and it kind of takes away from the spirit of the meeting.

After this meeting, the kids went to their classes and we ours. Church ended at 4pm and after we all found each other we headed home. Dh and ds R had home-teaching so they left and the girls and I had dinner. The guys came back home in time for dinner before they had one last home teaching appt.

By the end of the evening they came home (8pm) and started working on editing ds R's eagle report which is 99.99999% done. Yeah, that close. By 8:30 it was time for family prayer and bedtime. Nice day and glad dd S and I were able to attend this week. Last week dd S had a bit of a temp and a sore throat.

Mon comes and dh is off pager duty. Always a relief to not have the duty. Thankfully this week wasn't bad. He only had Sat morning for 2 hrs. Some weeks he's been paged once at home and worked until the wee hours of the morning. Maybe gotten 3 to 4 hrs of sleep only to HAVE to go into work and do a full days work. So we're thankful this week was quiet.

As we're getting ready for dh's daily morning call, dd S wakes up crying. I thought she had woken from a bad dream. Turns out she had bumped her head on the wall coming down the stairs. I gave her a hug and we settled for a bit. Gave her some chocolate milk and she feel back to sleep. Now to back up a bit, after she bumped, her crying woke up dd N and she got up on her own. Usually I have to wake her. So after dh's call, dh , dd N and I head out to the car. Nice pleasant ride to work. Chatting about a few things here and there. Just pleasant stuff.

As I'm leaving dh at work I phone ds R to see how dd S is. She's still asleep so I have him wake her up. A few min later my cell rings and it's him with dd S wanting to talk with mom. She's a bit upset and wants her mommy. I tell her I'm just a few min away from home. She's ok now.

Once home and settled we start our morning schedule. It seems to take quite a bit longer since the kids seem to be in a mood today. Throwing blankets at each other while there's food around. Yes, this is happening in our school room. After they end up spilling some milk(thankfully not much) they finally settle down(with mom getting after them as well). As I'm cleaning, ds R makes a rude comment toward dd N. Not a nice comment and I let ds R know I'm not pleased.

After we're done we get the books and videos ready to go. We finally head out around 11. Once at the library we get our stuff. I see that our favorite librarian is there. All the librarians are nice, but some have more personality than others. This one will actually get into conversations with me about homeschooling and other stuff. She has the same political view as we do. She, of course, has whispered her thoughts to me and I smile and nod. We are in agreement. But this day I have a few questions for her about books for dd N. She answers them and we soon find ourselves emerged in other conversations. I won't go into all of them, but she's definitely got a lot of thoughts for me to think about.

We leave and get lunch then head home. The weather is getting nasty and chilly for fall. The weather center is predicting snow. SNOW?! In Oct?! As we're stopped at our first place of eating(dd N wanted pizza) I notice the flurries in the air. The kids are excited and ds R even comments on the snow. However, once I remind him of shoveling all that snow from last winter(we had set the 2nd snowiest winter in recorded WI history, 99"). We received snow almost every other day starting Dec 1 and it just kept coming and coming and coming. It got so bad that by the end of Dec my back started giving me problems.

We arrive home and eat. I tell the kids that as soon as we're done, and if dad is wanting, we will pick up dd S costume and then on our way home from picking up dh we'll stop at this local farm and pick up our pumpkins. So I email dh about our plans. I wait 30 min. No reply. As we're getting loaded, ds R is still inside doing something. The phone rings. It's dh wanting to talk with me. Apparently I didn't receive his email. He had wanted me to pick him up around 3:30 so he could go with us costume hunting and then get the pumpkins. Thankfully we received his call in time.

Dd S decides she wants to be a witch just like sister. Only we found a purple witches hat, dd S's favorite color. We also find a wig that is purple. So now we just need to go home and find purple clothes for her. I succeed in finding her a purple shirt but the purple pants are missing. Hopefully we'll find them in time on Tues.

Head home and eat dinner. We have family-home-evening and then dh paints dd N's nails black to go with her black witches outfit. I paint dd S's nails purple for hers. We spend the rest of the evening just relaxing and watching some dvd's. Bedtime!



JADs Mama said...

Hi Karie,
Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words. :)
Snow huh? Wow! That is kind of early. Though I have to admit I miss the snow...my kids keep asking if we can go visit Gram & Papa and play in it. LOL - I don't like driving so to drive all the way up to the Upper Peninsula in the snow is out of the question. Especially when Eagle isn't with me! LOL
Have an awesome Tuesday!

Robert said...

That's the most detailed post I've seen so far! :O

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

Thanks for visiting me! Blessings, Michele