Monday, October 27, 2008

The weekend post

Sometimes I think I should at least try and post something on Sat about Fri because once Mon comes, I tend to forget some of things done on Fri, or I just plain make my posts waaaaay too long. Maybe I might cut the post in half and just do Friday's post and then make a new one for the weekend. We'll see if I remember lol.

Fri was our homeschool groups library day. This means that once a month we have a class at the local library on whatever subject the host mom/s come up with. This month we had a lady, who uses a guide dog, come in and talk about the process she went through to get the dog. Her dog was very beautiful. Maybe later on, if I remember, I will post some of the photos of her presentation on this post.

So our morning begins with dh and I taking off early(7:15am) to work so that the kids and I have plenty of time to get some school work done before leaving for our class. I arrive home just in time for dd S to be awake. Once everyone is awake we get started. The girls are good at getting their stuff done. Dd S wants to do some computer stuff so I get her started. Then dd N does her math. Ds R decides he's going to sign onto blog spot and create a new blog due to his old one getting deleted or something. I told him that's wonderful and help him to get started. I'm also hoping he'll do SOME math but he's too busy getting his blog situated. I decide not to bug him too much about it and just help the girls.

After he was all signed up and the girls were done with their stuff, we proceed to read some history until it was time for lunch. So far my kids and I really like this history curriculum. It doesn't go into the dry stuff of history and it gives examples of certain people or families to spice it up. It has activities for the younger ones to do while reading. Also, as we're reading, ds R will look up photos of some of the characters or places online so the kids have a better clue as to what the book is talking about.

Soon it's lunch time and then we head out. The library is about 30 min drive and I need to be there to open up the room since I'm one of the last of the newest of the originals. Hope that makes sense. In other words, all of the original members have either moved or don't come anymore. I'm one of the new members of that time slot and so I have an idea of what went on. So since I'm the only one who fits that time slot(for now anyway) I have the honor of setting up the room.

Once there I meet up with our guest speaker and her dog. Beautiful dog! Big brown in color and brown eyes. Just enough to melt your heart. I also meet up with my friend who just recently had her baby. What a sweetie(you are too Lady M :) ). My friend isn't able to stay long since the baby has an appt with the dr for a weigh in, but since she lives so close to the library, she offered to stop by for a min. It was so much fun to hold this tiny little guy.

The guest speaker and I then head to the room and get it set up. Everyone starts arriving around 1 and by 1:15(yes late) I decide to just start the class. Very nice lady and very informative. The kids were loving the dog. After a bit of introduction and info on how she got the dog, she then had the dog do some commands. The kids loved that. However, the biggest thrill for the kids was when she unleased the dog and then WHAM he was off running the room. lol The kids were all giggling with how fast he was. But he was still a good dog and did well when commanded to return.

After the class ended the moms all just chatted and such. I went up and thanked our guest speaker. She was a lot of fun to listen to.

We then left the library and after picking up a snack at McD's we headed for home. I think dd S was tired. She had started falling asleep in the chair during the more serious of the conversation and I had to rescue her from falling over lol. So I took the kids home and left dd S home with ds R. Dd N and I headed back to pick up dh. The reason I mention this is because as we're driving home from the library, we drive right past dh's work. I kept trying to think if we should just stop at a walmart and browse around while waiting or take a chance that dh would be ready around 4:30. So obviously I choose to just head home.

Stopped off for some milk and a few other items at the local cheap mart and then headed home. Ds R and dd S were out drawing with chalk on the driveway. They have this race course he's drawn that the kids run around on. It's something for dd S to do so she gets a lot of energy out.

I fixed dinner then the kids went back out for more playtime. The colder weather is coming and we're trying to take advantage of the nicer cooler weather. There are supposed to be snow flurries this Sun or the early part of the week. So long as it's just flurries and not full out snow. Goodness it's only Oct lol.

Bedtime comes and what a relief. I was tired. :)



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