Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Like our Tues are anything else. lol I took dh to work early (7:15) since our day was busy with outside activities. Arrived home to find dd S up and having drunk her chocolate milk, was ready for a hug from mom. We then woke up dd N.

Got our morning started with the devotional and then I told the kids there was to be NO playing around this morning. We were going to get started on our school work so that we could get a lot done by 11:30. The kids did really good getting their studies done. Very proud of them(yes Ds r, I'm proud of you). Today is the day the kids have art and gym(or at least art for all 3, gym for the older 2). So starting at 11:45 it's in the car for dd S art class for 45 min. Home by 1pm lunch. Leave home by 1:30 for dd N and ds R's art and gym class lasting 2 hrs. This is the time I enjoy since I get to go into the mom's lounge and chat with other moms while waiting.

After these classes we head home to drop off ds R to shower. Head out to pick up dh from work. The only difference with this day is there's no youth-activities, it's the wards trunk-or-treat night. Once we got home, dd N went up to get showered and then it was time for costumes. Now I really don't care for Halloween. We used to decorate the house with all the halloween stuff(nothing gross or scary) but having since heard and read what halloween is really all about, I just don't have the desire to celebrate it. However, since we had celebrated it somewhat in the past with my 2 older kids, I still allow dressing up, BUT they have to be nice or calm costumes. My 2 girls were cute witches this yr and my ds was a hippie.

We left for the church around 6 since they were having a dinner first at 6:30. Thankfully they started on time AND there were quite a few people who were there. Very unusual for an LDS activity. We had lots of good soups and this yr my dh had a good idea of bring some of our kitchen dixie cups so we could sample various soups rather than just 1 or 2. After the dinner portion they had the kids(and whoever else was dressed up) to parage around the tables so the parents could get photos. Then it was off to trunk or treat. Not many people participated in it this yr. Oh well, at least my kids will get to go on Halloween night around our block(like they need any more candy lol.


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Vania said...

Sounds like a fun, but busy day!!
Thanks for your encouragement!! :)
Carl (Eagle) is doing well - he has jet-lag but that shall pass. :)