Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tired and trying to get going

Right now it's Wed morning at 5:45 am and my brain is still a fog. I had my alarm set for 5:25 to get ds R up and I found myself waking up at 5:28 instead. I'm guessing I was(and am)still tired from Tues. Guess I should tell about Tues then.

Woke up Tues morning as normal and woke ds R up for seminary . Went downstairs and usual and waited patiently for the computers to wake up. Dh came downstairs at one point and mentioned that dd N was up. WHAT?! She rarely ever wakes up with out me waking her. She has her mornings where she will wake up on her own around 6:30 or 7 but 5:30?! So as the guys are leaving I run up to check on dd N. She is now carrying her clothes and getting ready to head downstairs. I think all the excitement of getting her ears pierced got to her and she was ready to be awake. So we both came downstairs and I had her lay down on the couch and rest. Dh comes home around 6 and suggests that she use the computer if she wants. Why not. So she hops on the computer that ds R uses. Pretty soon dh comes down ready to pick up ds R and asks if dd N wants to go with him. She doesn't need another invitation lol.

In the meantime dd S still hasn't arrived on the scene. She's usually my early riser. But nothing. So I hop into the shower quickly since I'm taking dh to work early. Tues are our busy day with needing to be in certain places at certain times. So they get home and we take dh to work. Once home we all get breakfast and get ourselves started waking up. Dd S is still asleep so I head up to wake her. It's after 8 and she's still snoozing pretty good, but I eventually manage to get her awake with the mention of chocolate milk waiting lol.

We do our morning stuff and not bad. A bit of wiggling from dd S who has decided that she wants dd N's attention in playing. I hand her some empty soda boxes and tape and let her have had it. Eventually as I'm looking for something, I happen to glance at the clock and realize that dd S's art class will start in 30 min. Luckily it only takes about 10 min to get there, BUT we're separated by the train tracks and one never knows when a train will come. Lately we've been getting once almost every time. Thankfully we manage to avoid one this time.

While at art class dd S finishes her weaving project and completes the stringing of her Egyptian necklace. She's kind of fizzled out on the weaving project when mostly done so I stepped in to complete the rest. During the class time I show the art teacher dd N's pierced ears. I tell her that dh has done it and she shows shock. It's quite funny the expressions and comments I get when I mention this to others. While doing this the other director in charge of the homeschool stuff walks in. I show her as well and she is also amazed. She's very nice. She comments that she likes the earrings and then shows dd N her big dangling ones. lol Dd N just grins.

Once class is over with we leave and head home for lunch. Once lunch is over with we head back for dd N and ds R's art and gym classes. We'll be there for hrs. On our way toward the building I see one of my newest friends from park day and we chat for a bit. Her boys are being a big over rambuncious and she's trying to keep them out of other people's way. So we chat for a bit and then I head in so she can settle the boys down.

We greet the other moms in the lounge and chat. Eventually I mention the ear piercing and that dh did it. As I'm telling the story some of the moms are wide eyed and covering their mouths. They can't believe that dh did the pierce with NO icing before hand. It is quite funny the expressions and comments I am getting. Just before we leave several moms mention one of the local fast food places is having customer appreciation day and selling hamburgers for $1.00 each. Hmm might be good for dinner, I think. :)

Once the classes are over with we head home to call dh. Once home we settle for a bit and then call dh only to find him not at his desk. So a message is left. Dd N asks if when dad calls can she answer. Yep! So after about 10 min he calls to say he's still busy so for me to help dd N get her shower since we need to watch the earrings. He says he'll be at least another hour and that I should fix something at home since it doesn't look like we'll make the dinner time in time. So I fix spaghetti instead. Kids love it!

Eventually as I'm finishing up dinner dh calls and says for the kids and I to eat dinner, then leave ds R home to shower while I pick up dh. So around 5:45 I head out to get dh. It's sprinkling a bit but nothing too bad. We arrive at dh work and then head home. Dh mentions the stuff that was going on at work(the company he works for monitors ATM machines from all over the world) and that he finally was able to finish his lunch at 5:30 this afternoon. Guess he won't be wanting dinner lol. As we're driving he starts yawning. I ask him if he'd rather me take the kids to their church classes tonight on my own. He says he won't turn down the offer so once home I tell him to stay put while we go.

As we're headed to the church it's now dusk and raining so it's somewhat hard to see the lines in the road. I know I've driven over the middle line several times but luckily no one else was coming at the time opposite of me. We finally arrive at church and the 2 older ones head to their classes. Dd S and I head to our class for sign languge which I teach. We have fun since I had watched General-Conference over the weekend and found some church signs. It was fun also signing sentences rather than just words all the time. We had fun.

Soon it was time to head home and once again drive in the rain. I know I had about 10 cars following me since I wasn't driving at the top speed, but I just wasn't comfortable doing the top speed so I drove cautiously. We arrived home close to 9 after having left at 6:40. Long busy day and evening but good time. Dd S was still somewhat wound up but that's normal for her on Tues evening. Unfortunately it also meant that she took forever getting upstairs to get ready for bed so story time was taken out. She really didn't think I meant it, but after many attempts at getting her ready for bed and sitting her on my lap and talking to her I made her realize there were to be no books tonight. She burst into tears that it wasn't fair, but I mentioned how I had tried several times to get her to get ready but to no avail. Once she realized I wasn't budging she finally settled.

The rest of the evening was just dh and I.


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