Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The start of a new week

It's Mon again. Seems like time is literally running away lately. I feel like as soon as I get up to get ds R ready for seminary, I'm getting lunch ready, then putting kids to bed. I know that may seem silly to some, but that's how I feel. Even ds R has commented on how time is flowing quickly. Well I guess the day didn't go quite that fast, but it sure seemed like it.

Dh did his conference call first. He had asked me on Sunday if he should take the call at work. I told him on Mon I wasn't as in a hurry to get where I needed to be so the call from home would be fine. This call turned out to be very quick. So we headed to work.

Normal morning of getting ready for the library. I did want to talk to the librarian about a family friendly video on the Titanic since our family is going on a field trip to the Milw public museum and one of their exhibits is about this ship. The librarian tried to help, but unfortunately wasn't much help. I had hoped that one of our favorite librarians would have been there but she wasn't. I was going to go down stairs and ask, but everyone was started to get really hungry so we left.

The afternoon was relatively quiet, but we had a motive in mind for after lunch. Dd N had been wanting her ears pierced ever since her bday in Aug. We had been looking to find a place and checked with Walmart. They had someone who does the piercing, but at the time we went(8pm) she wasn't there. So today dd N and I decided we were going to surprise dh. So off we went after lunch to accomplish our task. But of course, wouldn't you know it, the lady wasn't there today either. So as I'm standing there trying to figure out what step next to take, I see the self piercing stuff. I ask about it and the lady says all you have to do is buy the earrings and then buy the kit. Now of course this means it's not free now, but as I'm thinking, I realize that dd N might be better off if we do it at home. So I tell the lady I'm interested in buying the kit.

We get home and I email dh what we had planned to do, and then what really happened. We get home and relax for a bit. The girls go upstairs to play while ds R and I putter around online. Just before I call dh to see if he's ready, the dd S comes down and informs me that some of their dolls have gone down a hole in the wall. WHAT?!! So ds R and I head upstairs to see that the girls were playing like a monster was getting them and they see the air vent is exposed and think it's a cave. They put the dolls in there and they fall. I'm guessing several feet. Ds R tries to get to them with this grabber tool, but they are out of reach and it's time to get dh. I email him about the situation, but as we pick him up there is no mention of it. So I don't say anything either. I figure he knows so I'll just sit quietly.

We stop off at the local thrift grocery store and get a few food items then head home. Still nothing from dh so I figure whatever.

At home we take care of the groceries and get dinner. It's a fend night so whatever the kids want(as long as it's nutritious)they can have. Dh falls asleep on the couch. Eventually it's time for FHE so we do that. The doll situation has been forgotten. Now all myself and dd N can think of is getting the ears pierced. So after our lesson is over with, dd N questions "what's next?" lol So I mention that to dh that dd N has something that he would like to look at. Dd N is just grinning. So out comes the pierced earring set.

After dh reads the directions(of which there are a lot) he then lets me know what the deal is and it sounds just like what happened with me. 6 weeks with the earrings in with the twice daily cleaning. However, this ear piercing is much different than what I had some almost (gulp) 30yrs ago. With me, the lady used a piercing gun and a tube over the needle that was shot into the ear. Then they would take the earing and put it through the tube and remove the tube. Then put on the backing. So about 3 steps to this.

With this new "do-it-yourself" thing it was basically one step. After you insert the earring set you just adjust the "gun" thingy to your ear and squeeze. The earring itself is what goes through your ear and the backing automatically gets squeezed on. Dd N did so well considering she likes to look around while things are being done. I did hold her head a bit, but not much. She was a bit nervous, but did so well! Dh gave her a couple of hugs and kisses just for being so brave. The rest of the evening is spent watching a few videos and snacking. Then bedtime. Dd N is so excited to have hear ears finally done. I told her that just before Thanksgiving she can start wearing other ones. I have tons and tons of earings and boy is she excited lol.


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