Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a relief of sorts

Last Mon, just before we went to pick up dh, the girls came down and reported to me that they had been playing with their toys and they pretended that a monster came after them so they put their toys into a "cave" to hide. The "cave" turned out to the be air vent under their bed and their toys slipped out of their hands down the hole. Wonderful...NOT! So had to email dh to let him know about this. He didn't say anything when we picked him up, but I know he got the message. But I figured if he's concerned enough, he'll do something about it. I'm just glad he received the email and isn't upset. He gets frustrated easily with some of the kids accidents even though they are normal things. But hey, he gets over it fast. :)

Well fastforward to Wed. I figured we'd let enough days go by and would ask him again about the toy delimna. He did remember about it, but just wasn't concerned since nothing would happen to the toys other than just possibly getting dusty. They are too far down the hole to retrieve without tearing out walls or some ceiling. So the girls are without those toys. Not that it matters, they have tons more little dolls. He said he would take a look once he got home.

Well the rest of Wed was nice. Once we got started with school I let the kids know we needed to get serious. I decided to give ds R a break from his math since he's still kind of struggling and let him teach his sister dd N. That way he's still boning up on math, but getting a break from the harder stuff. Both of them had fun since he's such a ham, and I was able to sit with dd S and do some stuff with her.

Around noon a friend of mine called to say she was in my area and would be dropping of a history book for us to use this year. Story of the World. We were listening to the cd last summer borrowed by a friend, but she moved last Sept so I had to return it. So another friend offered her book for us. So she found our house and we ended up chatting for an hr. Her kids are temporarily in a private school. Due to health issues she had to stop for a bit. She still wants to homeschool, but her girls were giving her problems.

After she left we had lunch. It was way past lunch time so I told the kids to eat and then do something constructive. Around 2pm I forwarned the kids that around 3 we were going to get laundry started and clean the girls' room. It only took an hr and looks much better. What's funny is everytime we do this, their comments are "wow, that's where that toy went" lol. My thoughts are always "put the toys away when done, and you'll know where they are next time. " Funny girls.

Dinner time comes and dh arrives home. He goes to check on the toys situation and the kids are outside playing. They haven't been outside all day and they need the fresh air and exercise. While fixing dinner, dh has me come help with cleaning out the back of the entertainment center. Found some succor sticks, tissues, and an ice pop package. Not a good sign for dh. One day he's going to get serious about the trash issue and not let the kids have some of their snacks for awhile. I think I'll beat him to that and let the kids know if it keeps happening I will take them away for awhile.

After dinner the kids head back out while it's still relatively light. With fall here the sun goes down close to 7 instead of 8:30 or 9. It definitely helps in getting the kids to bed one time since there is no sun to shine. The rest of the evening is spent settling kids down and bed. Once again evening is here.


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