Monday, October 6, 2008

The weekend is over

We had a nice quiet weekend. Well at least mostly quiet. Sat night/Sunday morning dd N decided to get a bit of an upset stomach and woke up with lots of gas. Thankfully that was all. Well to give more detail here's how our weekend went.

Ds didn't have seminary this morning so dh and slept in a bit. Of course ds R wakes up even earlier. I find this out later on. So I get up around 6 instead of 5:30 and decide to work on my blog. After I'm done I rest on the couch waiting for dh to come down. It's now 7 and nothing. Finally around 7:15 I walk to the stairs and hear the shower on. Around 7:30 he comes down in kind of a hurry and says his alarm was for the weekend which meant he woke up on his own and sees he's a bit late. So showers are out of order. Meaning the time I usually shower has passed and I'll now have to wait a bit. No problem.

I eventually get the girls up and we start school. I'm starting to feel my head ache again so we'll see how things go. After our morning devotional I head up to shower with instructions on what to do. My shower is uninterrupted which is unusual so I'm a bit curious. The kids are actually doing school work. WOW that is amazing! lol So I now help dd N to get her math done and ds R starts on his. Now I'm really starting to feel my headache coming on. Dd S is wanting lots of attention, of course. I swear the little ones zone in on days like this and decide to bug the mom even more. Not sure why because all it gets them is mom getting grumpy. Finally get her to settle and get dd N's math done. Ds R has been doing his math thankfully. He got a few extra wrong but still was doing better than he normally does. However, being as my head is now hurting worse I growl at him. Poor kid. Eventually I do apologize to him thankfully. He's very understanding.

It's now time for lunch to which I'm very grateful since all I want to do is lie down. The kids do their own thing, thankfully. That evening dh comes home and tells me we need to go to Sam's Club to purchase a few things. Luckily I have taken some med. so I'm starting to feel a bit better. We get our stuff and head home. It's now bedtime so we do our routine. Thankfully the dd S does well and goes to bed like a good girl.

Sat morning is the 1st of 5 sessions of General-Conference that we will view on the computer. The only session that we require the kids to watch the whole thing is the 3rd session which is Sunday morning. This takes place of our church meetings Sun. The girls are planning on playing most of the day together, and that is fine. Keeps them occupied and busy. They do come down for each session to join in the opening song and prayer then they're excused to go. One tradition we have started in the last few years is going out to lunch on Sat in between sessions. Just something we enjoy doing. So we did. Sat evening is the Priesthood session which dh and ds R attend. This meeting is essentially a booster for the men to continue being righteous leaders, husbands and brothers. This meetings helps them to continue to understand the importance of the priesthood they hold and that it is from God. Ds R and dh enjoy this time together.

Around midnight, dd N wakes up with bad gas. We thought at first she was going to be sick, but thankfully after 30 min she was able to settle and head back to bed. The rest of the night is quiet, thankgoodness.

Sunday morning is the main session for all Latter-day Saints. As I stated earlier, this is the session we require the kids at. I prepared ahead of time and had paper activities for the girls to do while listening to conference. They were activities related to the church and it's leaders. They did well. Even dd S who is 4 1/2 did well. She got a bit antsy the last 30 min so I just had her sit on my lap and explain what was happening. Lunch at home now and dh has arrived with pizza from Sam's. I figured that's why he bought it yesterday. We love this pizza.

Afterwards the girls go play and I snooze for a bit. I find myself waking up about 5 min before the last session starts. Takes me a bit to wake up. Oh I forgot to mention, we've been watching the signing part of conference. We've been amused at times at the intrepretation of what the speakers say versus what the interpreter signs. It's mostly right but amusing at times. We had some good laughs.

5pm is here and conference is over until next April. It's also dinner time but I'm still full from lunch. Of course my 2 dd's are hungry...again. lol So feed them. I also let ds R know he can eat so he immediately gets up to eat. Amazing how these teenagers can eat and eat and it never ends lol. Now all the time on Sun it's raining outside. Not hard but enough that the ground is wet. After conference is over with dd S is anxious to do something. Dd N has had enough playing which is upsetting dd S. Eventually, dd S and I head outside for a walk. It is a bit drizzly so we take umbrellas to dd S's delight. I ask her how far she wants to go and she says all the way like normal. It's around 6:30 and it's dusk. We can see 2 neighbors' Halloween display in their frontyard. Very Halloweeny. Too much for me. I prefer to decorate with fall and atumn decorations like scarecrows and pumpkins. So anyway we walk around the block the first time and as we're headed toward our home I ask dd S if she still wants to walk. She surprised me by say yes. So around the block we go again. This time, as we're over half way home, it starts raining a bit harder. It kind of scare dd but I just hold her hand and we hasten our pace a bit. Then once we're almost home she settles.

We arrive home to snacks and such. Bedtime is calm and relaxing, thank goodness. I think the walk helped a bit. Now back to our regularly scheduled week. :)


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