Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick little one

I knew it was coming, but always hate when it happens. My dd S has come down with a small fever and sore throat. She was acting kind of funny Thurs night/Fri morning when I heard her whine a little. I went in to cuddle with her for a bit and she fell back to sleep. Woke up with her Fri and she seemed a bit too cuddly. I kept watching her and noticed she wasn't her normally rambunctious self. By 1:30 dd N came in the school room to announce that dd S was asleep on the couch. Now I KNOW she doesn't feel good. She hates going to sleep at night, but less falling asleep during the day. She was a tad bit warm. Today(Sat)she was feeling a bit better, but I'm still keeping her home from church tomorrow. It's too bad too because it's the primary-program and she had a speaking part. ::sigh:: Oh well, there's always next yr.


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Michelle H. said...

I hope she feels better!
AND TAG! You're it! Go check my blog. :))