Sunday, October 19, 2008

AGH!! I've been tagged!! :)

Michelle from Huelle-Family-Adventures has tagged me.

Seven random facts about me...

1. I am an only girl out of 3 boys. Yes, I was spoiled.

2. I love hawaiian pizza but don't eat it anymore since my kids don't like it and we usually share.

3. I love homeschooling my kids and learning with them along the way.

4. I greatly dislike tailgaters. I have kids in my car and they will be the first ones to get hit!!

5. I have been married to my best friend and sweetheart for over 20yrs last June.

6. Everytime I hear a child cry I want to give it a hug even if the parents are hugging him/her.

7. I love the movie "ghost" with Demi Moore and Patrick Swatze from the late 80's. It reminds me a lot of how I believe life is.

And who shall I tag?

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