Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our busy day of the week is here

Good morning all. Tues has come and gone again. But that's how it has been going anyway lately. Let me start from the start.

The normal morning routine of waking my ds R up for seminary at 5:30. The class starts at 6 and goes till 6:45. It gives just enough time for the public school kids to get to their schools before they start. Once ds R is home, dh and I head for his work. On Tues we need to get moving with our lessons since youngest dd S has her art class at noon and we still need to get math and some history in before that. Yesterday was fantastic!! We started at 8:30 with our devotional and by 9:15 were done. We would have been done at 9 but there's always someone goofing off. But that's ok it still was done early enough.

Journal and math time came. Dd N was done with her math by 10:30. She started around 9:45. Ds R was done with his math around the same time. We then went over his missed problems. He's doing much better now. Still missing more than I want, but we're getting there. His problem is he has so many other things he wants to be doing that at times he just rushes through some of the problems. Guess some of those other interests may have to wait or be done without the computer.

At 10:45 I asked ds R to help dd N with some of her math. I was stuff I wasn't sure how to do. You know the adding problems with they substitute a letter for the number/s. Thankfully he was able to help us out so we finished.

By 11:15 we sat down and read a chapter of the history program we are using. Story-of-the-World . We had borrowed the CD portion last summer and were just listening to it. I liked how it was presented to us, but have since discovered that my kids would prefer me to read it rather than listening. When I read it, they can interrupt with comments. As much as that is a pain, it tells me that they are understanding so I put up with it.

Around 11:30(short chapter) I start getting dd S ready for her art class. Dd N comes with me since I can't leave dd N and ds R home alone. Both of them argue to no end since he loves teasing her and she falls for everything he says all the time. So she brings her spelling along and some books. He stays home and works on other projects like reports and such.

Her class project was some type of picture making called Diptych I think. You draw 2 pictures that have something in common with each other on 2 separate papers. Then you color and add a textured background. The kids did a great job with their projects. Dd S did her first picture of the family. Then her second was the family going on a trip is the car. Very interesting how it turned out.

After her class(12:40) we head home for a 30 min lunch then head back around 1:30 for their 1:45 class. Ds R and dd N have both art and gym. Dd S only has art. She's active enough and really didn't like the physical contact she had with the other kids so we skipped that this time.

While these 2 classes are going on, it's my chance to go to the parents lounge and visit with the other homeschooling moms waiting for their kids. Love this part. I get lots of tips or just make new friends. Both are great.

After the classes are done (3:40) we head home to drop off ds R for his shower and head out to pick up dh from work. Once home 5:00 pm I get dinner started. Dd N showers and then 6:40 we head to the church for scouts and young women activities. This Tues, they were having a combined activity. They were doing volleyball and since that was the sport the kids had just learned in gym that day, they were somewhat prepared.

While they were doing that dd S and I were teaching some of the ladies some basic signs. Our family has been learning sign language for almost 3yrs now. We're still in the basics, but still having fun. We don't do signing the official way since that's a bit awkward for me. We sign the way we talk and from what I understand, the deaf still understand what you are signing. They are just glad you are trying to communicate wit them.

After the church activites ended 8:30 we head back home for bedtime routine. By 9:30 the girls are now tucked in to bed and ds R is reading from the light in the hallway. He will usually read until 10 and that's fine. Quiet evening has begun. :) Ahhh


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