Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The day for the library

I got woken up last night/early this morning by dd S due to the wind and some rain. She wanted mommy to sleep with her for the night. I told her I would sit for a bit but then I was going back to bed. Luckily she was tired and just feel back to sleep. But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself. That's for tomorrow's entry lol.

Yesterday was the day we head to the library. The kids like this day because it's our get-back-into-school routine day. This basically means the only real school work we do is checking out books and videos/dvd's that we need to read for the week and then after picking up lunch, we head home. The rest of the afternoon is spent eating and then doing errands or chores from the weekend.

As dh and I were getting ready to leave for his work, he took a bit longer coming out. Seems he's decided to start the reports again. So he was giving ds R his subject to look up. The girls were still sleeping. I was trying to give dd N some more sleep since she had had a busy weekend. Turns out that as soon as we left the driveway, ds R had gone upstairs to check on dd S when he heard her trying to wake up dd N. So both girls were actually up around 8:30 which was good. I wanted them up in time to wake up before we started. As I dropped off dh I called home and that's when I found out about the girls.

Got our lists printed out and proceeded the mark off the books we had. Then headed to the library around 11. Not sure why it takes up all morning just to mark off 3 or 4 lists, but almost every Mon it's like this. Maybe one day when I get really tired we'll actually leave a bit earlier, or I'll just start giving school work to do. That'll get 'em going.

After lunch we headed to Walmart to return the watch we bought last week for ds R. Nothing wrong, it just wasn't what ds R wanted. While there we picked up some other items needed then headed back home. I was thinking of stopping at Aldi's but I think dd S wanted to go home and play. So we headed home. Once home I emailed dh and suggested that we stop off at Aldi's on our way home. As the time got nearer to pick him up, I decided to just leave dd S and ds R home so she could get her energy out and not get all whiny in the car. I ended up with just dd N going with me. These days that's nothing new.

We arrived home after picking milk and the kids ate whatever. The rest of the evening was spent with dh upstairs snoozing. He must be coming down with something because he slept from 6:00 till 8:30pm. So we missed doing FHE . The kids were surprised, but sometimes it's just not worth it to wake dad for that. He would have been very grumpy throughout and then dealing with dd S who doesn't always want to participate(she's almost 5).

Eventually I send ds R up to shower(forgot earlier) so that maybe he would wake up dh. Didn't work right away, but eventually since he woke just as we were getting ready to head up to him for family prayer. Got kids ready for bed then headed downstairs. Quiet evening at last.



Tammy C. said...

Hi, Kari! Just stopping by to visit your blog...thanks for visiting mine! We love Aldi's, too...the kids favorite aisle is of course the toy bin and my oldest loves to return the cart because then he gets to keep the quarter! Have a great week!

Karies place said...

Tammy c you are welcome. Please feel free to stop by anytime.