Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday blahs

Considering my weekend, I'm not surprised at how I felt on Mon. So tired from 3 mostly sleepless nights. Dd S would wake slightly in the night from her sore throat and whine. Nothing seemed to help other than just bringing her into our bed. But then she would be restless and bonk dh in the face(many times) by swinging her hand around. Then she would push her foot into my back or pull the covers. Needless to say it was not fun. So Mon morning by 5am(had to get up by 5:25 to get ds R up for seminary) I just got up and went downstairs to start up the computers. By 5:20 I went back up for ds R so he would be awake. When dh came down to take him he was wondering where I had slept. Guess he woke after I left and found me gone.

So Mon morning was spent at home while dh did his conference call. I kept thinking that maybe he should take it at work, but when he asked me, he was in the middle of eating his breakfast and I didn't want him to have to rush through it. Besides I didn't have any time commitments, so I didn't NEED to leave early. Well, as we were leaving dh says he sees ds R peeking out the window. Seems dd S did wake up and was in tears for mommy. I gave her a big hug and said I would be back and to cuddle with brother. She ended up going back to sleep which was good.

After dropping dh off, I found myself very tired and wishing I were home sleeping. I now realized why truckers have accidents while driving too much. I had to shake my head quite a bit just to stay awake. I was sleep deprived for 3 nights. Finally made it home though. Arrived back home around 8:45 and she was still snoozing but starting to wake. When she heard my voice she started waking. I asked her how her throat was and she said fine. I asked if it hurt and she said just a little. Dh had suggested that I take her to the dr, but she seemed fine. Later on I would wish that we had just done it anyway.

Did our morning devotional and after dd S had her med, she was perking up. She was still wanting to cuddle but was also trying to feel better. Got ourselves ready for the library. Dd S was doing pretty good, so we just went about our day. Once there she definitely didn't do her normal running around, but then again I didn't expect that. She did want the computer so ds R took her there. There were a few extra people there, but not bad. Didn't need too many books since dd N still has some chapter books at home to read. Ds R still has his report books from dh to work on. So we mostly concentrated on dd S and her books. My favorite librarian was there so we chatted a bit. Most of the librarians are nice, but this one in particular really seems to enjoy chatting with us. The others are basically polite. But that's fine.

Headed to the check out line and started taking care of the books, but as I was bending over to grab or do something my back let me know it wasn't happy. So I had to be careful the rest of the day which was hard because dd S was wanting to cuddle and she's a hard cuddler. Likes to climb on you and push and pull. NOT a good thing for a bad back. We finally managed to get checked out and head for home. Stopped for lunch and then arrived at home. After lunch the girls went off to play. Since dd S has not felt well, she hasn't wanted to do much. So it was nice for dd N to have her back again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with me trying to stay awake with projects online. I finally got up and headed for the couch around 4pm. I snoozed just long enough that I had 5 min before I had to call dh to pick him up. I felt slightly better but not much. Dh was ready so I took dd N with me and left dd S. She was watching a scooby doo dvd and I really didn't want her to fall asleep in the car.

Arrived home and relaxed. Dh fell asleep on the couch. He had mentioned, on the way home, that he had been in a fog all day from lack of sleep. Sounds pretty much like me. After the girls watched a bit of dvd's and eating we had FHE and then watched a bit more of dvds. Bedtime happened and thankfully dd S didn't complain. She was tired. Dh mentioned that I need to make an appt with the dr on Tues so that's what we will do. Should have done it Mon, but was too tired.


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