Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr visit and nothing has changed

Tues morning arrives and I take dh to work early(7:15 am). We have a full schedule and still would like to get some school work in before a dr visit and our afternoon art/gym. I arrive back home just in time for dd S to wake up. With her not feeling quite up to par lately, she's been waking up wanting ONLY mommy. She woke up on Monday just in time to see me leaving with dh. Luckily dh saw(as I posted yesterday) and stopped and allowed me to at least give her a hug. So yesterday I wanted to be sure I was home when she woke. The timing was perfect. I drove up just as she finished her chocolate milk. So I went in and cuddled for a bit. After a few min I told her I needed to go get big sister since we would need to start soon. She didn't want me to leave her but due to my back I would be unable to carry her. Just as I was about to make a comment to her dd N walked into the room. SURPRISE! She rarely wakes up without being woken up. Well at least I didn't have to do it.

Just before we started or morning I made the phone call to the dr. Wouldn't you know they would have something right in the middle of our morning. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful they had an open spot, but was just a bit frustrated since it meant no real structured school till after lunch. Oh well, as some homeschoolers would say, they are getting a real life experience.

Her appt is for 10:15 and we're just down the road like 5 min drive once you're in the car. So we head out and get settled. Now this is our regular dr office but a different dr. The kids regular ped was booked. That's ok, at least she was able to take us. I just have 1 complaint in that she was almost 30 min late in seeing us once we were in the room. I would have just preferred to be in the waiting room all that time and then have them escort us 5 min before she's ready. Oh well, at least she was very friendly so that helped.

She did the exam telling dd S everything she was doing. Pretty much told me she has a viral infection and there's nothing she can do. She did do 2 tests for strep. The first one came back negative so that's good. The 2nd one takes a bit longer to get results so on Wed if it's positive we'll get a call. I almost, but not quite, would like it to be positive cause then at least she could get some med. As it was the dr said that because she was slowly on the mend, giving her amoxocilin really wouldn't do anything. So we just keep giving her tylenol/ibprophen every 4 to 6hrs. Seems to be at least helping her to feel a bit better. She did say only one side hurt so that's something.

We arrive home and I inform dh of the info. He's a bit surprised that we didn't get any med but overall pleased that everything went well. I told the girls that since we only had 15 min before it was time to head to dd S's art class that they could play for a bit. They were very happy to hear this.

Art class was good but I think dd S was a bit bored. The teacher is now teaching a bit about the renassaince(sp?) time period. Using some big words. I think the most boring part was she couldn't just go ahead and do the project, the teacher had to give them bit by bit instructions on how to draw the drawing. She did really good considering all this.

We get home and get lunch. Then head back for the older kids' art and gym. I head for the mom's lounge. This is my time to chat with other moms and hopefully relax. Dd S votes to watch a video so she's fine for a bit. We get to talking about Aldi's and whether it's worth going there or not. To some it is, to others no. Hey, we all have our thoughts. Pretty soon talk turns to the upcoming field trip to the local museum here in town. The "Titanic" is coming and one of our homeschool moms, who does a lot of field trip planning, is giving us a great deal. $4.00 per person to not only enter the museum, BUT to visit the exhibit as well. $4.00!! That's not even close to what it would cost to just enter the museum. She has over 100 people coming to this trip. Should be fun.

After the kids' classes are over we head home. Dd S starts to nod off in the car. I immediately notice and have ds R wake her. She wasn't happy but it's only 4pm! I want her to sleep tonight. I ask ds R if he's ok with me leaving her with him while he gets ready for his scouts tonight. He says sure. Then I realize I should also just leave dd N home to play with dd S. Dd N is saying no deal. She wants to come with me. So I tell her she HAS to bring some toys so that she can keep dd S awake. She does so, but it really frustrates me that she insists on coming with me when there are times she needs to stay home.

We make it home with dd S still awake but mom dozing off in the car. So tired from pretty sleepless nights. Tonight dd's young-women-in-excellence was happening and they were serving dinner. So I just needed to worry about ds R and dd S. Well ds R can fend for himself at age 15 so all I needed to do was worry about dd S. Gave her some chocolate milk and she seemed happy. Continued getting the rest of the family ready to leave.

We arrived a bit early to help set up so they could start the program at 7. This rarely happens that they start on time, but they do try. They did eventually around 7:10 so not too bad. They gave us the O.K to start eating since a lot of us were hungry. Thankfully they had chicken noodle soup so dd N was ok for eating. The food was really good and the program turned out well. They had babysitters for the event, but since dd S just wasn't really feeling like being in crowd I kept her with me. The leaders were fine, especially since she kept mostly quiet.

At one point during the program(it went well past the other classes that were being held that night) I ended up taking dd S out to see big brother. She willingly went to him so I could continue to enjoy the program. It ended 2 hrs later from the start. But well worth it. Dd N was just beaming and did really well with her part. Each girl was supposed to bring something they have done in the recent past and explain it to the families. Dd N talked about prayer and how it's important. She did really good.

It was abit after 9 pm that we left. Dd S was still riled up. I thought for sure she would be so tired and fall asleep but nope. I ended up letting dd N read to her for a bit before bedtime. That helped a bit, but dd S still wanted me to just sit with her for awhile. I know it's because she doesn't feel well, but I just didn't want to fall back to that deal again with me up there until she falls asleep. She now has dd N with her in the bedroom so she has company. Finally all is well for the night.


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