Monday, October 20, 2008

Long and busy weekend

To give you an idea of how long this weekend was, I'm having a hard time getting this post started. The past 2 nights we've shared our bed with our 4 dd S who likes to wiggle and climb all over everyone she's next to. So this basically means that whoever she's sharing a bed with doesn't get any sleep or very little.

Fri morning was normal morning routine and such. However, I noticed that dd S wasn't her normal perky self. I figured I'd better keep an eye on her and see what was up. Throughout the morning she was definitely coming down with something. All she wanted to do was snuggle with me. At least doing school work was a bit easier. It was nice to read our history lesson and be able to hear and understand what we were reading and have her listening(at least as best as she could).

Then it was lunchtime and the kids scattered. After a bit dd N came in to inform me that dd S was asleep on the couch AND IT WAS ONLY 1:15! That tells me that she doesn't feel good. I usually have a hard time getting her to go to bed at night. lol

I decided it was best to let her sleep for awhile. Always makes one feel better. Around 2:30 I decided she needed to wake up. She was a bit hard to wake up, but eventually did. Gave her some medicine and after a but she was wanting to play.

In the meanwhile dd N and ds R had a dance they were going to be attending that night. Dd N was a bit nervous since she's never been to one. The flyer said parents could attend but not younger siblings so dh and I opted to just let the kids go on their own and we'd stay home.

Later that evening it was time for the kids to go so dh took them. Dd N and I stayed home. Eventually I gave her some more med to feel better. Well it must have worked because she was wanting to play and goof around and mommy was wanting to settle for the evening. Finally it was time for the older ones to come home(10pm) so dh went and got them. Dd S was still awake and ready to play when they got home. Thankfully I had informed dd S that when they got home, it was going to be bedtime.

She went to bed fairly well. However, during the night she decided that she'd rather be with momma. She ended up in our bed later on that night until 7am. She wanted her chocolate milk, but while drinking it decided it hurt her throat too much. She fell back to sleep. Around 8am she was awake and wanting to play. I decided to play with her a bit so the others could get some sleep. Dd N is my late one who needs lots of sleep. We did try and wake up her around 9, but she was too tired so we came back down and I let her play on the computer for a bit.

9:30 came and dh woke up. He was tired from our visitor the night before. Eventually we managed to get the rest of the family up. The morning was relatively quiet with the girls playing quietly and ds R on the computer.

Around 1pm I receive a phone call from some friends stating they are out and about doing errands and can they come by and say hi. I told them not inside since we had a sick child. They said visiting in the driveway would be fine. We had a nice conversation then went back in.

Dh had told the kids yesterday that they could go halloween costume hunting on Sat, so dd S and I stayed home and did quiet things while the other two went with dad. They came home with all the stuff needed for a hippie(ds R) and a witch costume (dd N). They looked good. They were invited to attend a dressup party for several congregations so now they were ready.

Thankfully this night dd S was tired by 8pm and by 8:30 fell asleep. Still not feeling well. Around 9:45 ds R called to say they were ready to come home. I told them dh had just left 5 min prior that them calling so expect him there in 10 more. They came home with lots of excitement. Apparently several of the older girls liked ds R's long hippie hair and were chasing him around lol. I find that pretty funny. As I was guiding the kids to bed ds R says he hears dd S whining. Sure enough she was. Got her settled a bit.

As we were preparing for bed dd S started her fussing again so I just had her come in and sleep. Another long night. Thankfully I had started the ward-bulletin earlier in the week for church so I was able to attend to dd S the whole weekend.

Sunday morning I got up around 7 just to make sure I had everything down I needed. I was still working on the cover photo and had found what I wanted when ds R came down. I had asked him earlier in the week to help out, but he had some school stuff to finish. He still wanted to help so I sent him the link to the photo and he made it nicer.

So the morning was spent getting everyone else ready for church and cuddling with dd S. She had woken at almost 8 and then fell back to sleep. I finally got her awake around 9:00. Once she was awake enough we gave her some more med. About 30 min later she was ready to get up and do quiet play.

Eventually it was time for church so we said good bye to them and came back to watch a bit of tv. Dd S was a bit hungry and her throat was feeling a bit better. The day was filled with coloring in coloring books, folding a bit of laundry while dd S watched a dvd and doing stamps.

Finally it was time for the rest of the family to come home. I think dd S was ready for them but mostly for dd N to come home and play. Gave her more med and she was set for the rest of the afternoon. But I could tell she still wasn't up to her normal stuff because she was wanting to cuddle a lot and watch more tv than she normally does. We were able to watch most of AFV and Extreme makeover "Home edition with her pretty much cuddling.

Bedtime was pretty quiet and dd S went to bed pretty well. We were hoping for a nice quiet night. Nope, around 1:30 she decided she needed mom again. I sure hope this sore throat goes away soon. I can't handle many more less-sleep-than-needed nights.



Robert said...

I am offended that you had to mention that part in your blog about me being chased around. :P

Anonymous said...

u rock!