Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a quick note before bedtime

With the election just days away, my ds R and I have been having lots of discussions on what would happen with each candidate in office. To give away my view, I realize that both men are not really what I want, HOWEVER, I would still rather have the lesser of the 2 evils than the more evil one. At least with McCain, he has Palin behind him with her very conservative ideas so at least she's in our ball court. Where as Obama and Biden are just waaaay out in left court and his ideas just plain scare me. He basically wants to turn out country into a socialist one. That's NOT what our founding fathers had in mind when they first started our country. I do realize that when this country was first being formed there was a LOT of bickering and agreeing/disagreeing. But in the end they realized that England was not our friend and we needed to get out on our own. I think today they would just be dumbfounded if they were to visit us now. They would also be so angry at all that they did to make this country great, and now look at it. Now don't get me wrong, we're still THE best thing out there, but what it used to be and what it is now are two totally different things.

Anyway, as you can tell I'm more McCain person(just barely) than Obama. I'm a very conservative person who wants as little government intervention as possible. Let me take care of my family MY way and we'll be just fine. I have my weaknesses, but we all do. I want to take care of my money MY way, educate my kids MY way, have a marriage that is between a man and woman ONLY the way God intended it to be, and believe in God MY way. I think it's sad and just incredibly amazing how things have gone in this election year, especially with the Prop 8 in CA. Sorry if this is kind of long, but just have thoughts I need to get out. I think it's deplorable how people are behaving in CA over this Prop 8. YES, it's VERY IMPORTANT but to be out destroying people's signs, attacking people and just plain being mean. Thank goodness for prayer that puts my mind to rest.

PLEASE VOTE this next Tues for whatever your heart tells you.


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