Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ds R sick

I had been debating on whether or to still do school work with how ds R had been acting Tues evening. I even told him I would be waking him at 7 so we could get started at 8:30. But when I went into check on him around 7:30(time flew a little bit too fast) he was still sleeping. Around 8am dd S awoke and we cuddled. Dh left for work and so it was still quiet in the house for a bit. Just after dh left I went up to check on dd N. She got up and shortly there after so did ds R. He looked pretty miserable. He came down the stairs and just plopped on the couch in the school room. NOT at the computer. Now I KNOW he doesn't feel well when he does that. chuckle chuckle

So I tell the kids we'll skip scheduled school but still feel free to learn on your own. Groans coming from dd N. I don't she realizes that she's still learning even if we're not doing "sit down work". Oh well we won't even go there.

So pretty much the day was just relaxing and checking out things online. We were also expecting a visitor (ds R's former 2nd grada teacher) but due to him not feeling well I emailed her informing her. Sure enough around 10:30 or so she called. We rescheduled for her to come in another 2 weeks.

12 noon the girls were asking for food or candy to eat. I realized that it was lunch time and fed them. Then ds R started asking me questions about this Prop 8 in CA so we ended up talking about it and other political things for over an hr. I'm glad he comes to me with these things. So many teens do not. Eventually I told him I needed to go eat and that he was welcome to join me in the kitchen should he have any other things to ask. He declined and went online.

Around 2 pm I realized that the dishes in the kitchen weren't getting themselves cleaned and the laundry wasn't getting itself done so I enlisted the help of the kids and this was soon in action. Ds R wasn't pleased but I just can't carry the big basket of blues. My back just doesn't like that. Then I had him rest. I did manage to get started on the dishes while the first load of clothes were washing.

The rest of the day just kind of flew by. The girls, in the meantime, were getting all cranky and such. I told them it was because they weren't doing any school work thus they were bored. The didn't seem to agree with me on that lol. Eventually we settled on them having their dolls watch a movie with them.

Around 4:30 my visiting-teaching companion called to verify I wouldn't be going out with her tonight. Not with ds R feeling like he was. So she went off on her own for the night. First time she's had to.

Eventually I got most of the dishes in the dishwasher and the 1 load washing. Went upstairs to fold some of Sat wash, but got sidetracked on other stuff of which as the moment I can't remember what lol.

Later on it was dinner time. I had emailed dh that I was warming up the soup he had made for the Tues night activity. He had requested that I also had more potatoes since most people had scouped out the potatoes without much of the soup. Not a problem.

I then went upstairs now that the girls are busy eating and ds R is resting. I had been wanting to get the laundry folded upstairs before todays laundry got up there. Dh eventually drove into the driveway. I could see this from our bedroom window. He greeted the kids then came up and we chatted while I folded. I had just last night been asked if I would accept another calling at church. And since the calling pretty much went along with what I'm already doing I accepted. So dh and I were chatting about what all I would be doing with it. I would post what it is, but I haven't been sustained yet. This will happen the Sunday after Stake-Conference this Sun. Not sure exactly why we do it this way, guess I should ask dh.

Anyway, the evening was spent with kids(yes even ds R)watching dvd's before bedtime. Thankfully bedtime was quiet and the kids went to bed well. Even dd S who doesn't like bedtime went to bed giggling with older sister. Now it's time for dh and I. :)



Vania said...

I hope DS R is feeling better today. It isn't any fun to be sick.

LOL - My kids are getting a tad cranky too and my first thought was that they are getting bored. LOL- Funny how homeschool moms can pick up on that and know they need school work. LOL

I love potato soup! :)

Have a great Thursday!

Robert said...

I'm getting better! But not good enough. My throat is still sore, head is dizzy, ect.