Friday, October 31, 2008

The day was a bit better

Just as a bit of an introduction to some new followers I have, when I make new posts, they will be of the day before, or when I post on Mon, it will be of Fri and the weekend. I generally post about the day before the morning after(if that makes sense).

So on we go with my morning report. I woke up around 6 to come down and blog. Around 7am ds R comes down after having heard dh get up to shower. The last 2 days have been seminary free due to one of the 3 schools having no school. The seminary teacher has students from 3 different schools and when even one is closed down for whatever reason she doesn't hold seminary. So we've not had to get up as early. Just before dh comes down for breakfast and his conference call, dd S comes down for her chocolate milk. Dh then comes down and hears us and greets dd S.

We then head to the school room to drink it and have dd S fall back to sleep. After she drops off to sleep again, I get breakfast. We've been having home made bread since last June each morning. It's good! I eventually head upstairs to get dd N up. She's my sleep in girl and so most mornings I have to get her up.

Around 8:00 dh leaves for work. I tell the kids 8:30 and we started. Yesterday(Wed) we didn't do school since ds R wasn't feeling well. Didn't think the girls would feel it's fair they had to but not ds R. So last night I let the kids know that on Thur we would go back to doing school. After our devotional, I head to the shower. This is the only thing bad about ds R not having seminary is I don't get a shower before the kids get up. Oh well that's life.

I ask ds R to get his journal in and then start math. He does journal but is complaining that his head is still a bit dizzy from not feeling well and doesn't feel up to math. And after all the problems he's had with getting his answers right, I figured I didn't want him getting a lot of them wrong so I said he was excused today, but come Fri he's back to it.

Dd N was very good about her math and we finished it in about 20 min. Because ds R wasn't doing math, I had him entertain dd S who wanted attention. Then once we were finished we read some history while dd S colored or bugged everyone. I do admit she was getting a bit out of control so I got a bit upset and put her on the computer to do some activities there. She started crying a bit so I gave her a hug. She's a very frustrating child at times so it's hard for me to get her attention on stuff.

Now it's lunchtime so the girls go eat. I get an email from a friend who is wanting to come get our free swingset we have. I tell her I'll be home all day. In the meantime the girls are playing nicely(thank goodness) and ds R is updating his eagle report. His project was finished last April, he's just been kind of lazy getting the report edited and in. Between his scout master, other church leaders and his parents, he's GOING to get this done. lol

Later in the afternoon I decided I'm going to rake some leaves. Our lawn is covered and as I was looking at the leave pick up schedule, I realize it is on a day that we won't have much time to rake them. I managed to get some of the backyard done when my friend showed up for the swingset. Turns out that a lot of the bolts and such are rusted so when I called dh to ask about it, he said he would undo the swingset himself in the next few days and call them to come get it. She was happy to hear that. We did end up chatting for a bit about the election coming up and how bad it's getting with some things.

Once she left I finished raking the lawn and then got dinner started. I had some visiting-teaching to do that evening. Got the kids's dinner ready and then my companion arrived and we left. Our visit was very nice and we all enjoy chatting. Arrived back home and found all was well. Eventually it was bedtime so I got the kids upstairs for bedtime routine. Left them all upstairs reading for a bit. Around 9:30 headed back up to put girls to bed. Ds R is way old enough to take care of himself.

Quiet time now for dh and I.


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