Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One more plug for PROP 8

Subject: DONATION BLITZ FOR PROP 8 As you know, we in California have been working nonstop for the last few months to try to get Prop 8 passed. We've been walking precincts, calling phone lists, mailing out information, waving signs and giving it our all so that the Lord's Plan of Salvation isn't given a punch in the eye. We've taken abuse and praise. The polls have us leading slightly at this point but in the last few days the opposition has been given several million in donations such as the California Teacher's Association and now Hollywood is doing a large fund raiser to bring in really big bucks. Its not enough that they get all the free campaigning with what they present to us on TV. Satan is really working hard and these next two weeks just put a real pit in my stomach. We can't describe how strongly we all feel about the need for the passage of Prop 8. Our parental rights to control education are at risk. Our religious rights to believe what we want and then say it out loud are at risk. Our children are at risk. We have to do everything we can to keep that from happening. We won't give up on our efforts but how can we match the funds. My friend just called me with a really good idea that shows even in small amounts, combined together with many good people around the nation, we can make a difference. My friend proposes a Donation Blitz and see if you agree. We are asking people everywhere who believe in traditional marriage to donate $10 more. So here is our plan: 1) Go to and follow the link Donate Now and make a donation. 2) Forward this to at least 10 people who you think have a good chance of donating. If we each do at least 10 people and they each do 10 people, by the sixth forward, it will have reached 100,000 people! Be sure to ask them to forward it, too. If only half of the 600,000 people who already donated money gave an additional $10, we would raise $3 million and effectively negate the CTA's efforts. Imagine what would happen if they donated $20 each. Or $100? Let's really make this a blitz. These are easy things to do. I've already forwarded it to my email lists and hope my friends forward it to theirs. I've made my donation and hope combined with others, this will work. Passing it through this web site can make a PHENOMENAL impact !! Thank you for all your efforts. Please join us in protest by joining a donation blitz to the Yes on 8 campaign. Joann Beasley - Orland Ward, Chico CA StakeJonathan Beasley - Illinois Peoria Mission 2005 to 2007

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Robert said...

If I had a credit card I would honestly donate. Too bad the world is full of bad people, dumb people, and other such things.