Friday, October 31, 2008

No school today

Ok, my kids, especially my ds R, have convinced me that it is seems kind of silly to not do school on Wed with him being sick, then do school yesterday, but not much, then to do school today. Hope that makes sense. Essentially ds R is telling me that he wants one more day to rest so he'll feel better. So I agred with the kids that as long as they don't argue, they can have one last free day. BUT ds R still has to work on his eagle report so he can finally get it done. Several of his leaders and myself have been after him since last Sept to get it done. All he has to do is edit it and add photos of the project, then hand it in. So that is the agreement of today. They also get to help rake leaves after lunch today since we won't have much time next week when they come to collect the leaves. We'll see what happens.



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