Monday, October 13, 2008

Very busy weekend...again

You know, I think having teenagers makes some of our weekends very busy. This past weekend both kids, dd N and ds R had stuff going on and some of it early in the morning. Ds R needed to be at his scout master's house at 5:30pm so they could leave for their rock climbing trip. Dh took the girls when he took ds R and so I had the house to myself for over an hr. Rare treat. Don't get me wrong, I very much love having my kids home which is why I homeschool. But, every once in awhile I just need some extra time to revive myself so I can handle the kids more. So this was a nice treat.

Well, let me start at the beginning of Fri. Told the kids if they did their school work and didn't complain then after lunch I would give them "free" time. They did pretty good until it was time for dd N to do her spelling. This new spelling sequential-spelling program that I thought would be good, wasn't. At first dd N liked it, but because she can't see the words for herself first and spelling them first, she wasn't thrilled. So we had major meltdown of tears. However, this time I was proud of myself for not getting upset. I simply informed her that we would be doing this regardless. We made it, but it took 30 min instead of 15. I think we'll try a different method next week.

After lunch I let the kids goof off a bit. Told them to go outside for awhile and get their wiggles out. Around 2:30 I told ds R he needed to soon shower and then get to packing for the campout. Dh said he would be home early so that made it possible for me not to have the car. Somedays I'd rather not go anywhere and just stay home. Then there's days when I NEED to get out. As we're getting ds R packed dd N reminds me that she also needs to pack for her part on Sat. So I tell her what she needs and off she goes. I then realize, as I'm helping the kids to pack, that dh and I will be all alone with dd S all day Sat. First time this has ever happened in her almost 5yrs of being alive. Usually one of the kids is home to play with her.

4:30 comes and dh drives up in the driveway. The girls attack him and let him know they want to go with. Dh is fine with that. After we make sure ds R has all his stuff packed off they go. My alone time. I decide to fix dd N's blog that we had a hard time cleaning up earlier. She wanted a halloween look so we found what she wanted and I adjusted the colors.

Around 6pm they arrived back home and we had dinner. By this time we had several items for eating so I told the girls and dh we were having a fend night. You fend for yourself.

Later that evening I told the girls that they would be going to bed a slight bit earlier since dd N had to get up at 5 so she would be ready for her ride at 5:45am. The girls had to be at the camp spot by 8am. So bedtime comes and it's off to bed.

Sat 5am comes rather early even for me. I'm used to getting up at 5:25 since that's the time I get ds R up for seminary . Guess because it's a Sat I was wanting to sleep in. Eventually her ride showed up(5:45) and shortly after dh and I went back to bed. 6am. I was unable to sleep for a bit. Guess just thinking of dd N. She is afraid of heights and she's going rock climbing. She does like being outside so at least she'll be with her church friends.

7am arrives and dd S wakes me for her morning chocolate milk. I ask her if she wants to snuggle first but nope, she wants her chocolate milk. So off we head downstairs. Thankfully she was still tired and fell back to sleep afterwards in my arms. We both dozed. I found myself a few times waking up just enough to check the clock. Eventually I woke to find the time being 9am. WOW! I must have been tired and dd S must also have been. She almost always wakes up around 8 or 8:30. It took several min to get awake. By 9:30 we decided we needed to check on daddy. He was just waking up and was wanting to cuddle with dd S. Didn't cuddle long since dd S was wanting to play. Guess mom needs to shower and get dressed.

Once I was ready and dressed outside we went. It was supposed to be in the low 80's and I could tell it was getting there. Dd S and I were out on the driveway drawing the chalk in the sun. I had a sweater on over my short sleeved shirt. Within a few min I had taken it off. Pretty much the rest of the morning was spent with dd S and I outside drawing and on the swingset. Eventually dh came out and wanted to know if we wanted to go shopping. Sure. We did our stuff and dh gave us a treat of Mc D's. Dd S was thrilled.

Around 2:20 the leader of the girls calls to say that the girls and their ride are waiting at the church to be picked up. So we all hopped into the car to get dd N. She was wearily sitting in the van with 3 other girls. Dh asked her a few things, but she was too tired to really talk. Funny because ds R is just the opposite even when tired. He will tell us the whole camp story as we drive home.

Later on dh reminded dd N that she had her etiquette dinner to go to. So around 4:30 we came inside from playing and get her ready. It started at 6 but dh was picking up one of her friends so she wouldn't have to go in alone. In between all the getting ready, dh mentioned that if ds R were ok with it, once he got home, we would ask about him babysitting so we could go out for dinner. NICE THOUGHT! They left at 5:30 with painted nails and all. lol

Just after they left ds R arrived home. Tired and hungry but good. I think I asked him too soon about babysitting, but he was ok with it. Afterwards I felt bad because he was tired. Luckily we didn't do anything afterwards because he was already grumpy when we got home. He then proceeds to report to us about the campout. Funny for a guy who is tired lol.

The rest of the evening was spent with me trying to entertain dd S since ds R was tired. Around 8:30 dh left to pick up dd N. Ds R must have been very tired since he didn't want to do much online. Very unusual. After a bit he finally did. Guess with me leaving the room helped lol.

Dd N and dh arrive home around 9:30. She was tired but had a good time. Dh was disappointed mainly because the "etiquette" part never happened. They served the kids(ages 12-13) spaghetti dinner, no dessert and only water. There was no explanation on how to eat and nothing else. No garlic bread or salad. Then they put the kids into another room and did games and such. Oh well dd N had fun.

Sunday was back to getting ready for church. Last Sun we had General-Conference so we stayed home. We arrive at church and have our meetings. At the end of church we head home. Ds R has a meeting at the Bishop's home. It was a spiritual meeting for the kids ages 14 - 18. So we head home for dinner. Ds R heads for his meeting later and then evening comes. Bedtime! It's been a good weekend, but I think we're ready for Mon.


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