Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ward activity sponsored by the youth

Several months ago, the youth had a youth auction to help pay for their summer camp programs. Last yr we made well over $4,000 dollars! So those on the committee decided it would be ok to try again this yr. We did make as much this yr, but still did enough to help with major costs. So last night was an activity sponsored by the youth to say thank you to the ward for helping to make it successful.

So to start at the beginning of the day. Dh took ds to seminary in the morning, then after returning to shower, he went back to get him. He does this most week day mornings unless one of the public schools is closed for a holiday or teacher day or whatever. Then they don't have seminary. He arrives home with ds R and after a quick breakfast, heads to work. I eventually get the girls up. Around 8:30 we get ourselves ready for our morning. I do give the kids about 20 min to "goof off" before starting school. Not sure if I'll do that every morning, but we'll see.

Once we get into our studies I give dd S(4 yr) an easy math worksheet and some coins so she can do math. Then I help dd N with her math. Ds R is doing his. One the girls are done I have them go watch Bill Nye. The curriculum I want hasn't been ordered yet, so I'm still waiting for that. I check on ds R and he's still just reading his math. I find I have to get tough with him because most other times I let it go. But he's a bit behind what I want him to be, so I insist he finish his math now. He does, but about half is wrong. He just wasn't in the mood. Going to have to do something about his "moods".

Lunch comes and then afternoon stuff. We do a bit of cleaning here and there. Dh has his elders quorum meeting Wed evening and with our schedule today and Wed, we need to do the cleaning today. So we start getting that done. Pretty soon it's shower time for both older kids due to the activity. I decide to make some cookies to take as a dessert. I get them done started just as dh arrives home. He has done some shopping after work. He brings home some plastic paper protectors for ds R's Eagle report. Now he can finally get the report done as soon as dh orders the photos.

5:30 comes and we head out the door for the activity. The youth have to be there at 5:30 to help setup. So the 2 older ones go help out, dh decides to take dd S to the playground so I stay and end up watching one of the leaders' toddlers. He's such a cutie and a red head. Eventually we start and the rule is the ward members, minus the youth, get to eat first, then the youth. So I get a plate for dd S while dd N waits with dh. We eventually all get our plates and eat. Afterwards the kids go off to play at the local playground. We get a lot of members out to this event. Even though it's only 70, there's no wind so the weather is quite pleasant. Finally around 7:30 a lot of families start heading home. Kids still have homework to do and the high school youth have seminary early. So we head home, have the girls watch a video and chocolate milk with a cookies. Then 8:40 bedtime. All kids are tired.

Around 10:00 dd N comes down to announce she's ready for bed. Dh and I are also getting ready to head to bed. We're both tired. I get the dd N tucked into bed and dh and I are on our own. :)


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