Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting back to school schedule

So Mon was our, starting of a new school year, day. We did our normal library visit, then headed to get lunch. When we left the library, to go get lunch, it was raining. The weatheman said there was 100% chance of rain today. We really need it. Funny how last May(I believe) we were having huge thunderstorms, tornado warnings and flooding everywhere. We were all praying the rain would stop. Now 4 months later, we're praying for rain. Well considering that that 4 months in between we only had minor amount of sprinkling or 1 or 2 days of rain. Our lawns were mostly brown now. In fact, if you had a green lawn, you were using tons of water. I tried keeping ours watered, but dh said not to worry about it. Everyone else's was brown.

So anyway, it was raining softly when we came out of the library. Not complaining at all. So we head to get lunch and then home. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the girls watching some school videos then playing. Ds R and I did some computer stuff. Eventually it was time to get dh from work, so we all piled into the car to get dad. Dh and I had been emailing each other in regards to possibly clothes shopping for the kids. He wasn't sure he was in the mood. I told him it was his choice. We ended up just heading home. Guess we'll try another day.

We get home and I tell the kids fend night. This means that everyone gets their own food, except 4 dd. I fix her something. After a bit I realize dh is missing from the frontroom. Dd N tells me he went upstairs, so I head up to see what's up and hear the tv on. I then realize it's the start of the football season. Thankfully dh isn't obsessed with it so we do get things done. That's good because Mon evening is our evening for FHE (family home evening). So when it was time, I gathered the kids and dh together and we had our lesson. What was funny is afterwards I told dd S that she could have her chocolate milk while watching a video and dd N said "chocolate milk!!" Not sure why, but it made dh chuckle. Guess it was his mood.

Now that it's getting dark sooner, I am able to start getting the kids ready for bed sooner. I told the kids that it would be time for bed soon and this was around 8:15. Thankfully no one resisted. Got the kids ready eventually and into bed went dd S. She was a bit of a struggle but after saying good night several times, she eventually fell asleep. Then it was older kids time to head to bed. Ds R has seminary in the morning so he needs to get to bed soon. So far it's not been too hard to get him up, but we'll see how the year progresses.


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