Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last park day of the season

Yesterday, being Wed, was our last park day. Starting next week we will have the library on Mon(or in this case a field trip) Tues, art and gym and then if we did park day it would be 3 days having the car. I don't mind going out and about doing stuff, but I also am realizing that 1-the kids are getting older and need to start being more serious about their school work(ds R is already at that point in high school) and 2- dh needs the car a bit more than just 2 days. Lunch time is his time to do errands and what not that I am unable to do. So we are done for the season.

Let me start from the beginning of our day. Dh needed to go in early, and dd N had wanted to go with us to take dh. But since Tues evening was the barbeque and she was very active that night, I figured she was going to be tough to wake up. Under normal circumstances she is difficult, so having had some extra activity I just wasn't even going to try. Dh and I left around 7:15 so he could be in early. He had a meeting that evening and wanted to be home early enough to eat and relax before hand.

After dropping dh off I headed home. Found both girls still sleeping. Ds R was still online. He wanted to know if he should wake dd S up. I said not yet. So I then went upstairs and woke dd N up. It took quite a bit of doing since she was still a bit tired. Guess I might have to start putting kids to bed a bit earlier. Finally got her up and headed down stairs. Eventually we got our morning started.

After the devotional was over and a shower taken(dh had to leave too soon for me to do this before hand) I got the kids doing their school work. Ds R was actually doing his math without me having ask twice. That was a surprise. I got dd N and S up to the table to do their stuff. Dd S wasn't wanting to do "real" school work, which is fine she's still only 4 1/2. So I told her the stuff she could do while dd N and I did school. It worked fine at first then she wanted my attention but did it in the wrong way. Eventually after several warnings I finally told her that the way she was trying to get my attention was wrong. She even ended up in the corner due to attitude. Guess that's another thing she has picked up from older siblings :::sigh:::

After our morning stuff was done it was lunch. Probably the most loved part of the day for my kids most days lol. Wonder why?! Hmmm could be why ds R is now 5'10" and I'm 5'4". Yes, he can rest his chin on the top of my head lol. After lunch we got ourselves ready to head to the park for the last time this yr. Dd N LOVES the park. Dd S is ok but usually ends up sitting next to me on the bench. Again :::sigh::: Once we got arrived there were already 5 moms there. This yr at park days we have had a huge number of moms coming compared to the last few yrs with this group. I think alot has to do with the long time members had older kids and a lot aren't interested in the park anymore. So just those of us that still have some younger ones have gone. So it's been nice to see more younger and new member moms coming. I think we had 10 moms there, not including me.

We had an enjoyable visit with the occassional interruption my dd S who decided it was funny to stick her face in front of mine so I couldn't visit with the moms. After a bit I finally decided I had had enough and took her away from the bench to talk with her. I know she was bored sitting there, but we're at a park. She should be playing. After a bit I got her to settle down once again so we rejoined the group. Finally it was time to head home. I still needed to get home and get ready to pick up dh early. So we said our goodbyes along with a bit of information about the upcoming library day the end of Sept.

Once home the girls proceeded to play a bit before getting dh. Ds R was busy getting his business web site finished. He's been wanting to get his business started for quite a while now, but I think is actually a bit nervous to actually have customers. It was now time to get dh from work so we all headed into the car. Once there we waited a bit. Seems there was a problem that needed addressing and it was something dh enjoyed doing. I told him not a problem, his job needed to be done.

Arrived home and got dinner going. Dh was having a meeting with the rest of his Elder 's Quorum Pres. and so needed to get ready for it. The kids and I went outside while it was still light enough to play. Dh's meeting started late due to the late arrival of both brethren. That's fine we handled it fine.

Finally the meeting ended and it was time for prayer. After prayer it was time for bed. Eventually got the kids upstairs and doing bedtime routine. Thankfully, lately, dd S has been going to sleep without me sitting there. Some evenings I would be sitting there for 40 min while she "tried" to sleep. Dh finally decided that she was old enough to fall asleep on her own. So one day I explained to her that since she was a big girl, she could fall asleep on her own. Of course it helped the first time that she had been very active that day. Since then most evenings she has done well.

So now the older ones are finally in bed and it's mom and dad's turn. :)


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