Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two days into one

Yesterday was Tues, but we ended up letting it be two days worth of stuff to do. Because of the Labor Day weekend, the library was closed so we couldn't do our normal library stuff on Mon. So Tues morning I get up and find that all the kids are still sleeping including ds R. I need him up to keep an eye on dd S while we take dh to work. So I ge him up then I head downstairs. I, later on, ask dh if he's taking his conference call here at home, or at work. He's taking it at home. I don't generally mind, but it just means that we start our day later since I still have to take him to work, the come home and try and get started. I'm hoping on the days I don't have the car that we can try and start around 8:30 instead of 9. I find there is a difference of when we start.

So around 8:00 dd N and I take dh to work. Dd S has come down for her chocolate milk and has gone back to sleep. So we are off. After we have dropped him off, I call ds R to have him wake up dd S but she's already awake. Good.

Once we arrive at home, I tell the kids we'll start our morning at 9. After the devotional is over with it's time for a shower for me and the kids to get the books ready. Around 11:00 we head to the library only to find the parking lot full. I was not expecting this. I figured with public school being on that it would be less crowded. NOT! So we finally found a spot, after having a few stand offs with some people who apparently had no idea they were holding up traffic. We headed to the library and proceeded with our normal routine. However, our favorite librarian was there today so I was kind of trying to catch up on things with her. Most of the librarians are very nice, but this one goes the extra mile by actually being willing to chat with you and being interested in your life. The others are polite, but that's about it. Oh well, that's fine.

We then get our books and get ready to leave. I tell the kids that this is the last time we head to the 3 separate locations for lunch. The next time we do library we will just be sticking to McD's. They seem fine with that. Ds R decides that since it will be his last time, that he wants a 12 inche sub instead of just 6. So I give in and do so. Lots of sandwich. lol

We arrive home and it is now the Tues routine. After eating lunch, dd N reminds me that both older kids need showers since they have their church classes that evening. Oh yeah. Dd N is now 12 and in young women's, so looks like the whole family will be going Tues evenings now. The reason dd S and I go is because I have a sign language class I teach. It's only basics but it's fun.

Pretty soon it's time to get dh from work so we all pile into the car. The road construction in downtown is finally starting to show signs of being done. I know the roads really needed it after last winter, but it's still nice to be able to drive our regular route again. We pick up dh and then head home. Once home I get dinner fixed and then we head to church. Seems a lot of people are running late due to fall schedules happening once again. I don't mind this time of yr, but so not looking forward to more snow. We had soo much snow last yr (record 99 inches in our town) that I just don't want anymore for awhile.

My signing class was a bit noisy due to one of the sisters needs the couch to sit on so this means we have to stay in the foyer. There were 3 brethren who were chatting, but since one of the sisters is hearing sensitive we asked them to move down the hallway. I think next week we'll go to the other foyer since no one hardly ever goes there. I felt bad making these brothers move.
Finally it's time to head home. Need to get the kids to bed so that ds R can get up for seminary. We'll see how his first morning goes. Last yr he was up and at them, but after a few weeks it was hard to get him up. He is a morning person, but not always wanting to get up for seminary. So kids are in bed and quiet time for dh and I.


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