Thursday, September 4, 2008

Park days nearing an end

The seasons are changing whether we want them to or not, and that means park days are nearing their end for the yr. Well to start a bit from the start of our day. lol

Dh had his conference call this morning and it ran a bit late, so all the kids were up when he was done. However, due to the drop in temperature, I choose to let dd S stay home with ds R. Dd N choose to come with. We dropped dh off and headed home. We arrived home and after a few min, started our morning devotional. I told the kids we needed to do some school work in the morning. They were mostly ok. Ds R is doing ok with his math, but has come upon some problems that are hard to remember and so is struggling. I've offered to find a friend to "help" him, but he was totally against it. He said it made him feel like I thought he was dumb. I told him lots of people, who are smart, still ask for help. But dropped the subject after that.

Around 11:30 he asked if it was ok to go up and clean his room. This child amazes me. We had ALL weekend (excluding Sun) to clean his room, and he chooses a school day. So I said alright for now since he did do his assignment. After a bit of this going on I looked at the clock and realized it was 12:30 and that we needed to head to the park around 1 and ds R and dd S still hadn't had lunch. So I told them to stop and take a break, then when we would come home to get dad, they could stay home while dd N and I went. I was inisiting on this one park day that ds R come with us since our good friends in the school group are moving to AZ and this WAS their last day for the park. He needed to be there to say bye.

Around 4pm I knew we needed to leave. The rest of the group was just content to stay for awhile so we said goodbye. It was kind of sad to know that once we left, we would no longer see the Ellis family. They will be missed. Once we got home we called dh and were told to come, so dd N and I hopped into the car and picked him up. We were all in for a busy evening. Dh had some home visits to make of new families that moved in, and I had to go around the block with my friend to collect $$ for the block party this Sat. We were gone from 6pm till 8pm and contacted almost everyone. Not bad. So now all I have to do is on Fri go and collect the corn from the neighbors that sell it every yr. It's good corn.

Arrived home and the girls were very glad to be there. I know dd S was tired enough to just go and sit and watch a video with no goofing off. Dh was still out so we just had a quiet evening for a bit. Around 8:45 I decided it was time to get ready for bed. Once we were done we would just relax for a bit while waiting on dh for prayer. He arrived home just as dd S was giving big brother a hug for the night, so down the stair we all went to greet him. He was happy to see the kids. :)

Dd S was very tired and didn't cause me too much problems going to bed. I went downstairs to find dh watching the RNC on our computer. The new VP that McCain has called to be his running mate, was speaking. She's good! Then time to put the other two to bed since ds R still has seminary.

Dh and I then had a quiet evening alone.


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