Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't know where to start

Because we had a 3 day long weekend, I didn't blog on Mon so I'm somewhat behind in my blogging. I'll see what I can do to remember the weekend.

Fri was another lazy day at home. Didn't need the car and we didn't do structured school. I keep telling dd N that even though I'm not giving out assignments, that doesn't mean we're not learning. One day she'll get it. :) Well like I said, most of Fri was just being home. I did do some cleaning and putting away of things. Did laundry and dishes(again). The girls did really good playing together with the occassional wanting to play with ds R.

Around 5:30 dh came home and rested for a bit. I had visiting teaching to do that night so I prepared dinner for the family, then my companion came to get me. We were traveling a bit this time, and with dh on call he might need the car so my companion offered to drive. Thank goodness. We arrived at our sisters house, but it took several wrong turns to get there. We had a nice visit then looking at the clock, we realized we needed to get home. Once home, I found the girls and dh playing dominoes. Dh was doing ok so I felt good we left when we did. Proceeded to put the kids to bed and the rest of the evening was ours.

Sat was spent home again. With dh on call we just don't plan on being anywhere or doing anything. The morning was spent being lazy and waiting for everyone to wake up. Finally was able to get the family up and going. The morning was again spent being lazy. I figure come Wed it'll be back to getting up early due to seminary. So I guess we all just wanted to relax. We did receive a phone call from dd S's primary teacher about their trip to the zoo that morning. I told her that dd S had already gone to the zoo last Mon for dd N's birthday. Told her to have fun and we'd see them on Sun.

For me the day was spent cleaning up the house(once again), washing bedding. It had been waaay too long (pew) and needed it. Especially ds R's since he's a teen. So I strip the beds and take them to the wash. I then mention to dh that as soon as he's done in the shower, I will start the laundry. I then go about doing some other chores and watching the girls. They are outside on the swingset mostly being good. They keep wanting brother to come out and play, and sometimes I make him. He does good to go out when he's supposed to mostly. lol

Later on dh approached me about going to the store to purchase some milk and other items. But due to main street and a few others downtown being closed for the Harley Davidson(yes motorcycle)party I had to go a different route. No biggie since I had been that way before. Took all 3 kids since I needed to have the calm company of ds if I were to go the wrong route. I didn't, but it's always nice to have him along when I have dd S. When we arrive we found dd S's teacher there with her dd. They were doing their weekly shopping. We chatted for a bit then went our separate ways. We arrived home to find dh not doing much. Spent the rest of the evening getting ready for Sun. Helped dd S with her talk for primary. She talked about temples and we what do in them. She did really good. Bedtime for kids.

Sunday was our normal get ready for church. Headed out around 11:40 since dh had his weekly meeting to attend. Once we arrived, I set about getting the ward bulletin(program) copied so we'd have it for church. Sacrament meeting was regular stuff. Today dd N was going into young women's(organization for the youth ages 12-up to hear stuff about their age group and how to handle life at this age). So she was excited. (sorry the information link wasn't working on this one.). The adult class 18- up met in the chapel(main meeting room) for all the classes. Dd S had her talk to give, so once church was almost over I snuck out and went to listen to dd. She was a bit nervous but once we got the talk out, she did great. 2 moms commented on how a 4yr could already read without help. We just grinned.

Arrived home and had dinner. We were all hungry. We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing. Guess we're gearing up for a busy week this coming week lol.

Mon was Labor Day, but due to dh being on call we couldn't plan anything or go anywhere. I had wanted to invite some friends earlier on in the month, or go to friend's home, but couldn't. At least the kids were good and played nice most of the day. Did clean up around the house especially in the kitchen. Things were getting kind of sticky. Dh decided that evening that we needed to do something fun for that day. So we all piled into the car and got gas, then picked up chicken and accessories for dinner. Got home and watched Pirates of the Caribean(sp?) with dinner. It was a bit slow to start, but after it got started it was pretty good. Dd S was a bit hesistant and after a bit wanted to play some computer games, so I got her started on those while we watched more of the show.

After a bit she wanted to come in and play some games while we watched. She eventually joined us for the ending of the movie. It was mostly silly with a few scary parts, but overall a good movie. Then it was time for the kids to head to bed. School starts for public schoolers so we'll have the library to ourselves tomorrow finally. Now quiet time for dh and I. Ahhh!


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