Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The temperatures are cooling

Guess it must be fall, the temperatures are starting to get chilly now. Most of Sept, the temps were chilly in the morning, but warmed up by noon or 1. Now they seem to be staying chilly all day. I know the temp do come up a bit, but not by much. I know it has to cool off due to the seasons changing, but I'm just spoiled having loved the summer warm weather. I like being able to just go outside without all the preparation of bundling up. Lots of effort for not much outside time sometimes. Oh well, that's how it's supposed to be. I was just enjoying it and didn't want the warm weather to go. I'll stop complaining now lol.

Yesterday was our normal library day so we had the car. Dh asked me this morning if he should do his call at home or work. I told him home was fine. On Mon I don't really have much preference other than just wanting to get to the library before noon. While he was going back to pick up ds R, I hopped into the shower. Once I got out, I opened the door and saw my oldest dd N awake AND dressed! WOW! That rarely happens. She said she thought I had already taken dh to work and was trying to find ds R when she walked past the bathroom and heard the shower.

After his call dd N and I take dh to work and head home. We get our devotional over and start getting the books and such ready to go back. As we're doing this I get a phone call from a friend wanting to know if she could ask me a question once we got back from the library. I told her sure. A bit puzzled by this thinking it might have something to do with my dd N. So we finish doing the books and head out. The library is very quiet today. There's only 1 or 2 other moms in the children's area and no other kids. Kind of nice.

Head home to pick up lunch and eat. Throughout the day, it is cloudy and rainy. I know we need the rain, but it sure makes it hard for me to feel like doing anything. So I just sat at the computer most of the afternoon trying to come up with things to do. Finally I made myself get up and do dishes. As the afternoon progressed I decided that on our way home from picking up dh we would stop off at Walmart for stuff. So I emailed dh about it and he was fine. I forgot to mention that as we arrived home from the library, we found a DVD that didn't make it to the library. It was one that ds R had picked up after we marked it off and then left it on the table. So on our way to get dh we had to drop it off. We were about 15 min late getting dh due to trying to get youngest dd S to go potty and then drove past the library and realized I needed to go there. Ended up calling dh to let him know we were running late.

Eventually we arrived to get dh then headed to the walmart out by his work. The girls needed sunday shoes for church and nylons. Dd S found some cute shoes for $5.00 so we got them. Dd N tells me she wants boots so we look but aren't having any luck with the type we want. So we end up with a pair of shoes for dd S, nylons for dd N and a cute, almost life sized scarecrow for a frontyard decoration. I was trying to find a photo of one, but apparently am not typing the right words since nothing is appearing.

We eventually head home and everyone gets their own dinner. The girls head to the frontroom to watch signing videos and dh falls asleep on the couch. He must be tired because the tv is on a bit louder than normal and he's still sleeping. lol Eventually bedtime comes so I get the kids ready. We're trying something a bit different tonight. Dd S likes to be with her older siblings and when she has to go to bed before dd N she gets a bit frustrated. So I decided that after our normal routine of brush teeth, pajamas on and me reading to her, I would let dd N read to her some other books. That way she could still stay up, but stay in her room and dd N could read aloud since that's one way dd N has of reading. First night was a success, but we'll see how it continues. lol


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