Monday, September 29, 2008

Library day and other things

Well, it looks like I have a few days of catching up to do today. Guess I'll start with Friday. :) Friday was our homeschool groups library or class day. Since the group started about 6yrs ago, they've been having their main meeting at this local library. What they do is have a quest speaker, or one of the moms will do crafts if there's a holiday coming. It's basically a learning class at the library. I had volunteered about 2 months ago to host September and Oct days. I was even working on Nov, but after the class on Fri, one of the moms volunteered to host a game day in Nov since it's close to the holidays. I said SURE! lol

So anyway, back to Fridays happenings. Dd N and I took dh to work and arrived home just in time to start our morning devotional. Dh's conference call took a bit longer than normal. Oh well, at least we still have time this morning to do some serious school before we have to leave. While the kids were doing their math stuff, I was busy trying to get stuff ready to take with us. I had suggested that any of the moms bring with them some of their curriculum to show the rest of us what we use. Then I had setup another table with free stuff that I didn't need or want anymore. A lot of it got taken, but the hooked on phonics box didn't. Oh well, I'll try next month and maybe this time I'll open the lid lol then they can see the stuff.

Now it was time to head out so off we went. We arrived at the library around 12:30 midst lots of road construction to get there. Not fun. Glad the road construction around our main street is done now. It was a slight pain, but considering the outcome, it was worth it. So, after I drop the kids off at the front along with the stuff from the trunk, I then go park. As I'm walking toward the door I see the fire engine coming into the parking lot. YEAH!! They made it. I'm always nervous when I bring other people in because there's always a chance they will not make it.

The class was a success. We had about 6 moms show up. This is good considering in the last 2 yrs we've had 3 to 4 moms come. The firemen gave their fire safety stuff, which the kids loved, then we headed out to the fire engine to see the different stuff and get photos. Once the class was over with I breathed a sigh. Guess this is why I often times won't volunteer for this class. I always get nervous.

After the class was done, the kids and I head for home. I had told dh we might stick around if the class lasts until 3:30, but we were done by 2:30. So home we went. It was fine because we ended up not having to pick him up until after 6pm. Normal time would have been 4:30. While we were waiting I told the kids that tonight was fend night. There was lots of left overs for all. In the mean while, one of ds R's friends called to invite him to a "hangout" for the evening. We were told it was just for the night. No sleeping. So we tenatively told them yes and then waited on dh to call. Once he did I told him about this hangout and he was fine. So instead of just dd N and I going, the whole family ended up going to get him.

Now that it's approaching fall, it had gotten dark on our way to ds R's friend. Dd S commented on it getting dark and I told her it was ok. So we arrived at the friends' home, dropped off ds R and headed home. I told the girls they could stay up later, but they had to stay on the couch and settle. So they choose some videos and had snacks. Eventually around 9:30 dd S fell asleep. Dd N managed to stay up until ds R called around 11pm. Once back home it was bedtime.

Sat was a stay-at-home day. Since dh was still on call we just don't go anywhere or do anything. So the morning was spent just relaxing and the girls playing quietly. After lunch I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold so I layed down on the couch and ended up snoozing for a bit. Eventually dd N came and sat next to me and just started chatting. I kind of got after her for not realizing that I was asleep. I then found out that dd S was outside with dh and he was straightening up things. So once I was awake enough, I went out to see. He was taking advantage of the nice day to clean out the garage. It was a mess. Found lots of interesting items that had been left behind by the previous owner and lots of other odds and ends we had. The kids all managed to stay outside for most of the day. This was a good thing for dd S since she has a habit of not being able to sleep well on days she isn't active.

Around 6pm the garage was done and we all went in for the evening. The kids watched some videos before bedtime then headed upstairs to read and eventually sleep.

Sunday was spent getting ready for church. Ds R had fast-offerings to do that morning. So dh and him went off for a bit. Once home we all continued with our morning. Finally left around 11:30 for dh's meeting. Church was the normal fast-and-testimony meeting. After church we headed home since dh and ds R still had home-teaching to do around 6. Had dinner then they were off. The rest of the day was spent with the girls playing together nicely, then watching "Extreme Home Maker, home edition. The season premiere.

Bedtime was a long and slow process since dd S didn't have much activity, therefore she wasn't as tired. But through patience and such I managed to get her to bed. ::sigh:: Quiet time for mom and dad.


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Micke said...

We are really relaxed on Sundays to. We get out of church at 12:30 and get home about 1pm. We have some lunch and have the kids settled doem with some movies. We lay baby J down for the afternoon. Mommy always takes a nap. Daddy doesn't always. This is the best of all on a Sunday.