Friday, September 5, 2008

Dh's day off

So dh had Thurs off since he worked 50 hrs last week. I was trying to figure out what we could do as a family so dh wouldn't be starring over the kids' shoulder while they were doing school. Dd N just goes nuts when he watches. Well I digress. I should start from the beginning. lol

Got ds R up for seminary and then proceeded to blog my day for Wed on here. Dh ended up staying at the house and snoozing. He didn't hear me say "come back" for a bit. While they were gone dd S woke up for her chocolate milk so we got that going. She then fell back to sleep and I was able to go back online for a bit.

Later, dh and ds R arrive back from seminary. I was resting on the couch when they came. Dh still had to take his morning conference call even though he was off. Around 8:30 I got dd N up and we proceeded to do our morning routine. After our devotional was over, I showered, then we decided to watch a school DVD on history. We invited dh to join, and at first he said he was going to shower. After a few min of the kids and I watching, he choose to join us. It was 2 hrs of The War of 1812 and how The Revolutionary War REALLY ended.

After it was over, we chatted a bit about U.S. history and the wars we've had. Then dh showered, and we headed out to our favorite buffet place New China. LOVE this place. Oh I should mention we all woke up to raining, and it continued raining ALL day. This was the remains of Gustav(sp?) but we really need the rain. It hasn't rained in about 2 months so most of us have brown lawns. So as we headed to lunch it was raining. When we were done eating, it was now pouring. So, instead of clothes shopping for the kids, we choose to head home.

The rest of the day was the girls played for a while together. Ds R went online for awhile. Then I asked dh about ds R getting his hair cut. It was looking very long and shaggy. Turns out the razor wasn't charged, even plugged in so they had to wait awhile. 45 min later(after dh and I snoozing on the couch) I got up and reminded ds R that it was hair cut time. So I had some computer time while they did that. Eventually it was also time for laundry. I won't be able to do any on Sat since I'm part in charge of the block party happening.

The rest of the day was just cleaning up. Dishes got done and some laundry got done. I'll be finishing up both today.

Around 6:30 both dh and ds R had a priesthood meeting to attend so they were off till 9:30. So the girls and I were on our own. Both played pretty nicely together so I was able to have online time again. I think I had too much because I started getting a real head ache. I decided around 8:30 to go watch the RNC (Republican National Convention)on tv. John McCain is running for Pres. and his running mate is Sarah Palin, Gov of Alaska. As much as I don't care for him, I dislike his opponent even more.

Dh and ds R arrived just as McCain was speaking so we delayed bedtime for a bit. Once bedtime all the kids went to bed. It was after 10 and ds R still had early morning seminary to get up for. Then it was quiet time for dh and I.


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