Friday, September 26, 2008

Just another school day

You ever have those days where you just aren't sure what to label the day? For me, that would be Thurs. We didn't go anywhere just stayed home and did school. Dh had his conference call which didn't last long. He left to head to work around 8:15. I've been trying to start school around 8:30 on the days when we don't need the car, but lately I've been lazy and we've started at 9. I think the big reason is I've had some things I've been wanting to do online and didn't want to stop. Obviously the kids aren't going to argue lol. Also, I'm still waiting on the curriculum and therefore don't have as much planned. I'm hoping to remedy that soon.

So we start our school morning around 9. We were finished around 10 due to a very long scripture in the Book-of-Mormon . Then we read a shorter scripture in the Bible. And since I wasn't hungry until around 9:00, we had to wait until my breakfast was done to start the scriptures. lol Anyway, we get math started around 10:30 and it goes pretty good. Ds R is trying a different approach to his math. He's been forgetting lots of steps in his pre-algebra and thus getting most of his answer wrong. I've been sending him links on various math activities and such, but he seems to have found something the might work. It's something that him and his dad did with Saxon math. It's finding out how all the problem problems are and writing down the system of how they work. So he's found a website that he can add a problem in and then write down the step by step of answering it. I'm hoping this works.

In the meantime I'm helping dd N with her math and she's starting to finally get some of it. She's my child that takes a while to get something and then once she does, WOW! Dd S was also wanting to do some math so I found this math worksheet website and printed out some basic addition problems. I then give her some coins with which to make the adding easier since she's only 4. I then had dd N watch a Bill Nye DVD. This wasn't one of his silly elementary DVD's this was a serious one. Meant for middle or high school students. She seems to like them. Ds R was still doing his math, but that's ok since it'll hopefully help in the very near future.

We break for lunch around noon with the knowledge that around 1 we will be doing the geography game. I think I've mentioned it in another post, but I'll explain again. I have the kids sit in front of this black and white plastic map of the U.S. I then have a stack of cards of the states that has info on it. I give each child a state to look for and have them read some facts about it. The girls love it, ds R just does it because he's supposed to lol. Then I have ds R head out to mow the lawn and the girls help pick up sticks. Our lawn has really grown in the last few weeks. Most of the late summer we've had no rain, thus the lawns were turning brown. Then one day it just rained all day varying from hard rain to just mist. It's what our lawns and plants needed. So we haven't had to mow the lawn pretty all summer. It looks lots better.

Afterwards I had the girls go in and play for a bit. The temp lately has been chilly in the morning (high 50's) and then almost 80 by 1 or 2pm. Then most evenings it cools down again. Not a bad thing to have, but it's definitely unusual. So because it's rather warm I don't mind them inside. I have them watch a school video.

Most of the rest of the day is just spent trying to stay cool and not fall asleep, at least on my end. Eventuall the girls head back outside to play. I was trying to do more school work, but just wasn't in the mood due to the heat.

Dinner time comes and I'm trying to get stuff done in the kitchen. Kids are bugging each other. Finally one of their favorite shows is on cyber-chase . It's a math show for elementary/middle school aged children. I really don't care since it's a good show.

Dh comes home just after we eat and has groceries. They get unloaded and then the kids play more. Guess we're having lots of gym today. :) It's now dark enough that I tell the kids inside now. Thankfully all this play has helped dd S ready for bed sooner. After watching some shows and having bedtime snacks it's now bedtime. Dd S goes to bed pretty well. She doesn't want to fall asleep, and wants me to stay a bit, but I told her that in the past when I have stayed till she falls asleep she would goof of and play. Thus making it 45 min to an hr before she would sleep. So I give her an extra hug with a promise of another big hug in the morning.

Ahhh it's now quiet time again. :)


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