Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been several days cont...

Well, picking up from when I last left off it is now Sun morning. I got up to finish the wardbulletin before the kids got up, and after a few min dd S woke up. Luckily, after drinking her chocolate milk, she fell back to sleep. I was surprised she woke this early after her being up so late. So I continue with the bulletin. It's very quiet since everyone is still sleeping. Dh finally comes down around 8:30 after showering. All the kids are still out. Finally around 8:45 I wake up dd S since I don't want her to sleep much later. We go up and get the other 2 kids.

Once the family is up(and that was no small task either) we get ourselves ready to go to church. Sacrament meeting was normal, but afterwards they had the gospel doctrine class meet where the primary usually does since the primary was going to be meeting in the chapel to prepare for their presentation in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the teacher for the adults didn't think to open the 2nd door/wall and the class was packed. So dh and I just choose to sit out in the hall way and relax.

Priesthood and ReliefSociety was soon to start. Dh and I went to our own classes and afterwards dh tells me he has a meeting. No problem. I am tired and so are the kids, but we are fine. Dh's meeting is finally over at 4:45 so we head home. Get dinner fixed and eat. After dinner we get the library books and videos ready to take back tonight since we won't be going to the library on Mon due to field trip. The evening is restful and just before bedtime dh takes the girls and they deposit the books.

Mon morning I'm up at 5:00 so I can shower. Today we are headed to Green Bay for a field trip on history of WI and of trains. When I get up, I see that ds R is already up. I go downstairs to check on him and find that he's been up since 4am. He knew he woudn't have the chance to be online all day so he choose to get up early lol. At 5:30 dh and ds R are headed to seminary. While they are gone, I get toys and such ready for our trip. Dh arrives home and showers. While he's doing that I get the girls up. I found that dd N was wide awake and ready to get up lol Very unusual for her since trying to get her up at 8 is hard lol. Then I get dd S up and she is heavy. I took he downstairs and laid her on the couch. She was slightly waking up and wanted me to hold her. I still needed to get my jacket on so I told her just a min. She then woke up realizing what we were doing.

Arrived at the home of the seminary teacher and picked up ds R. We then headed to Green Bay.

Arrived there at 9am in time to greet some of the other moms and prepare for the day. The younger kids are going to see what life is like for the men guarding the fort. Some of the actors went a bit overboard, in my opinion for this age of kids. Dd S was very scared so I had to comfort her and let her know that they were just people pretending. Hard for a little 4yr to comprehend since they were dressed in full uniform. Over all it went well though. We visited a mess hall where the lady in charge had the kids make kind of corn bread that was flat like a pancake. Not bad tasting at all. Then we headed to the hospital where a gentleman showed us how the hospital worked. He was very soft spoken and nice. Dd S liked him.

Then we went to the school house and that guy was VERY hard. He acted just like they would back then, which I understand he needed to a bit, but he even scolded the 2 other moms that attended the class and told them to be quiet. I know it was part of the act, but I felt a bit overboard again for this age. Thankfully the other children did well. Dd S just doesn't like that type of thing. Once that was over with we headed to the soldiers post where they get their orders. This guy was the starting guy at the begining who was a bit loud and scary to dd S. Thankfully he softened a bit while explaining several soldiers roles.

After his lecture was over with he had the kids go out on the porch and get pretend rifles and learn to march. It was at this point that dd S said she had enough and needed to go to the bathroom. Thankfully this was the last thing they were doing so dd S and I went back to the main building for relief. We then waited on the older group and then had lunch.

After lunch we headed to the train part. This part dd S liked. They, again, divided the groups from older to the younger. The group that dd S and I went with, had a story first, an activity and another story read. Then we headed to watch a quick video on train safetly. Very silly film, but for the kids that age it got the point acrossed. Finally after it was over with we were able to ride a real train. Dd S liked that part alot. She was grinning the whole time. Maybe once dh downloads the photos I will post them.

Once the train ride was over with the field trip ended. The mother in charge of the trip found me and between her and her ds and me and dd S we headed to the train museum. We were there for about 45 min. We found a big room FULL of big trains that we could actually climb aboard. Dd S was thrilled with this part. We ran from train to train climbing and investigating. lol Eventually we realized that the older group was probably done so we needed to check with them. Found them as we were headed to the main door.

Our family decided to recheck out the trains which was to the delight of dd S and dd N. So they ran around checking the trains out again. Eventually dh tells us there are more trains in another building. So we head out to them. Finally it's 4:30 and we've exhausted all places. So we decide to head home and eat on the way. Stopped off at an Old Country Buffet place and stuffed ourselves. Dd N decided to try a new food item which was ok. But she would pay for it later on that night.

So we arrive at home around 8:45. Time for prayer and bedtime. I'm exhausted with all the walking. We get the kids to bed and dh and I head to bed. This is around 11pm.

Around 2:30 am I'm woken up by dh stating that dd N is sick in the bathroom. Oh joy! So we spend 30 min tying to clean up that mess. Thankfully she's of the mind that when her stomach bothers her to run to the bathroom not wait in bed for it to settle. Something that ds R used to do. So we get her settled and relaxed on the floor for a bit. I ask if she's better and get a nod of yes. So we head for her bed. BIG MISTAKE! Once she climbs up she starts crying and I realize she's about to get sick AGAIN but in the bed. Oh mamma not one of my best choices. So down we go back to the bathroom. Get her cleaned up again and on the hall way floor. At this point I'm realizing that she's better off right there so I choose to lay down with her there and send dh off to bed. He still needs to go to work and I can always nap.

So dh heads off to bed and I'm settling down next to dd N. She's mostly sleeping with me trying to sleep but everytime she moves I'm wondering if she's ok. Eventually she falls deep to sleep and I manage to snooze for a bit. I do find myself waking up at 5 with other dd S waking up. I send her to bed then get dd N downstairs since I need to be down there after waking ds R up. Besides she's had several hrs to settle and says her stomach feels much better.

I finally get ds R up and ready for seminary. And I'm going to end there for now. Will try and post more later on or tomorrow, depending on how things are here.


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