Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been several days

since I last posted, but lots has happened. I'll try and post it all this morning, but I might end up having to do some posting tomorrow. Now where did I last leave off, oh yeah last Fri. I believe you know about Thurs. lol

For Fri, we did our normal routine of school in the morning. It went pretty well. I told the kids that after lunch they could play if they did school well. I told ds R that later in the afternoon he needed to start packing for the weekend campout with the scouts. I might be forgetting some small details of Fri since it's now Wed morning and I can't always remember everything. :) So 2pm comes and I tell ds R it's time to get packing. His ride will be picking him up around 5-5:30 so he needs to be ready. After several promptings to get off the computer and get packing, he did. He needed an early dinner packed so as of his request, I fixed a sandwhich for him.

Around 5:00 he was done so he decided to cuddle with his sisters and watch a bit of tv since he wouldn't see them until the next afternoon. Especially dd S who loves playing with big brother. While they were cuddling I got dinner started for the rest of us. Eventually 5:30 comes and so does ds R's ride. He looks thrilled. He's starting to get tired of these campouts since a lot of them that are put on by this group of men have turned out to be just chaos. Luckily this group had the help of a man who is REALLY into scouting. So, later on, we were told things went well.

Late afternoon, the girls and I took some tomatoes from our garden over to some neighbors homes. The couple across the street are in their 80's and love to chat with us. They love to watch the kids while they're outside, since it reminds them of their kids at that age. That evening I let the girls stay up a bit until we were going to bed. Dd S didn't make it till then so I put her to bed around 9:30. Dd N stayed up until around 10:30 with us. She doesn't like going to bed without big brother or mom and dad upstairs.

Sat comes and we are just relaxing. Ds R is expected home around 1. So the morning is spent with the girls playing together and dh online for a bit. I'm just kind of cleaning up a bit. 1pm arrives and he actually drives up in the driveway with his ride. He looks like he did some actual activity, and upon questioning and him volunteering info we find that he did indeed have a good time. Oh I forgot to mention is rained all day Fri and most of Sat. So they all got rained on the entire time. But they had fun.

After him telling us how things went, he showered and dh, the girls and I went to do a bit of clothes shopping. Once we got there, we started having dd N try on pants. We're finding that she's right at the size where too big for most girls clothes, but too small for mom's stuff. We ended up deciding that she would just get 1 pair of pants for now and then in a few months, when she's grown a bit more, we would then purchase some more stuff including pizza for dinner.. We finished our shopping and headed home.

Once home I let the girls go outside and get the wiggles out. On our shopping spree, dh was getting a bit tired and cranky. Being outside only lasted a bit, but that's fine. Eventually it was time for ds R to head out to the dance. I realized I still had some tomatoes to deliver. So while dh took ds R to the dance, the girls and I visited another neighbor. This is another older couple in their 80's, but a bit more active than our other ones. We chatted for awhile and then while chatting, realized the sky was getting dark and then it poured for a bit. We stayed there about 45 min then headed home.

Once dh got home we all settled in for the evening. Ds R was getting a ride home from one of the older young ladies who could drive. The girls asked if they could stay up till brother got home. I agree that both girls could stay up needed to stay on the couch. Well that last for a bit, then dd S got antsy and wanted to play. This was 10pm! So I told her to sit down and gave her a snack. That worked for a bit. Around 10:45 dh and I sat down with the girls and waited on ds R. He arrived at 11pm. Dd S was still wanting to stay awake but the rest of us were tired.

I'm going to finish up the rest of the weekend either later today, or tomorrow morning. This post is getting too long and I'm getting tired. lol


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