Friday, September 19, 2008

Several days post cont...

It's Tues morning around 5:00 and dd N is awake so we both head downstairs and I have her lay on the floor in the school room next to the bathroom so in case she needs it, it's close. I then go and get ds R up for seminary and then head back downstairs. Dh and ds R leave and I do some stuff online.

Later on I take dh to work since we need the car to do library and art/gym. I think dd N is doing much better and we'll proceed with our day. Once I arrive at home dd N is fast asleep on the couch. I decide it's going to be a long day, but at least dd N is feeling 99% better. So we start our morning. Thankfully with having taken the books and such on Sun, we don't have to worry about them now. So around 10am we head to the library. We do our stuff then head home. Dh had suggested that we skip McD's since we had gone out the night before AND dd N still needed some time to relax.

Once home we have lunch, then I take both girls with me to dd S' art class. Lots of kids there. Probably 10 kids in her class and it's seems about half and half in gender. Several children are over the age of 5. The teacher announces they are making Egyptian necklaces. They get to make the pieces out of clay. Dd S is excited and has fun. While there I head out of the class to check on the new gym teacher. They've had a hard time keeping gym teachers here. Met her and see that she's about 40ish and seems a bit quiet. We'll see. After the class is over we head home to eat lunch. Then we head back for the older kids classes.

The older kids class is also full. Looks like most of the classes are to their limit which is a far cry from a yr ago when they were begging for those of us who were coming to advertise these classes. What's even more surprising is the oldest class, which consists of ages 10-up has 18 kids! Several of them being 15 and 16 AND being boys! Wonderful!

Dd N decides she only wants to do art and not gym. I feel that is just fine knowing she still doesn't have enough strength yet. Several new moms there and fun getting to know them. After the art class most of them disappear since most of them had kids ages 7-9 in the middle group. So now it's time for the older kids' gym class and for the first few min it's only me and my 2 girls. After a few min the Mother-in-law of my friend comes in with the granddaughter. My friend is helping her mom who is in the hospital. We chat for a bit and I get some really good ideas on crafts. Most of them are outside things, but still good ideas.

After class is over we head home. I drop ds R off since he needs to shower and we won't have a lot of time if he goes with us to get dh. Dh wants me to leave at 4pm. So we drop off ds R and the girls and I head to get dh. We arrive at home in time for me to fix dinner and dd N to shower. We then head to church for their classes, scouts for ds R and young women's for dd N. We end up home around 9pm and put kids to bed. Long and busy day.

Wed comes and we're not going anywhere. The rest of the week we stay home and do school. I do detect that colds are coming on to us. I feel my throat a bit dry. Ds R has mentioned that his throat is also dry and a bit sore. Tis the season for this. Temp changing. Did laundry, which is always fun. For school, ds R is having some issues with his math. Has been for several weeks. We've been trying various methods but essentially it seems he's kind of stuck between the methods his old math taught and what his new math is teaching. So that goes kind of long.

Dh tells me that morning that he has missionary splits. This is where 2 of the priesthood holders from both quorums(Elder's Quorum and the High Priests) go out with the missionaries to teach non members. He's gone until 9:30pm. I was supposed to go visiting-teaching but my companion later tells me that she was having some issues with her ds and forgot to call me. So I stay home.

Thurs was again, staying home. Did school in the a.m. still having issues with ds R and his math. I ask for help from online friends who suggest maybe giving him a break every other week from doing math. So after much thinking and discussing the ds R, we'll see how this method works. We then have lunch. We then did a geography game with the states for a bit, then I kicked the kids outside for a bit. I clean up a bit, but am bored and just want to be online looking for things to read and do. After a bit dh calls to say he's picking up some food and what do I need. I give him a grocery list. By dinner time I'm starting to fix dinner. Dh comes home kind of tired and cranky. The rest of the evening is kids outside playing and dh eating.

Oh forgot to mention that this morning dd S tells me she has a cold. Sure enough she's a bit plugged. Ds R also is continuing his cold. Sore throat and such. So when I put them to bed I wipe some vix on them. It's supposed to help with the breathing. Not sure if it worked, but not much else I can do. Well see in the morning. And now I think I'm caught up lol.


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