Monday, September 8, 2008

Block party weekend

Last I left you all it was Thurs and we were getting ready for the weekend. So let me update you on how things went.

Fri morning dh had his conference call as usual. Then I woke dd N up and we took dh to work. Dd S and ds R stayed home. Once we got back, we got school started, or at least did the devotional. I told the kids that since we had done sparatic school that week, I would let things go for Fri unless they got out of hand. So after the devotional, it was fee day. Not much happened during the day. Just tried getting the dishes done and the laundry done since Sat we woudn't be home much. Even managed to get most of the ward bulletin done.

Dh called home around 5:30 and asked if I had dinner cooked. I said "not yet" and he said would the kids want some pizza. Ummm yeah, I do believe. Saved me having to cook. So he arrived home and we had pizza. We then took off to Sam's Club to get some fruit as our contribution to the block party, and some other stuff we needed. Arrived home and got the kids ready for bed.

Sat morning arrived with dd S waking me up for her morning chocolate milk. Dh woke up shortly after and did his morning routine. I then got dd N up and had the girls get ready with me. Once we were done I told ds R to get his shower in while we went down to check out what needed to be done. My friend D was still in the house doing some stuff, but was glad for our help. We had brought our 2 ice chests so we got them ready for the soda. Did a few other things to help out, then dh and the girls headed out for more ice. I went home to check on ds R. He was just getting out of the shower, dressed. We then waited on dh and the girls since pretty much everything else that needed doing was the party needed to start. But that would be at 1pm

Dh arrived home around 12:30 and had ds R help him outside make a make shift table in case an extra one was needed. We all then had a small quick snack. Around 1pm we headed down to the party. It would be about 6 houses down the block. This is a tradition since the early 70's. I think it's a great idea. Lets the neighbors get to know each other and just have fun.

At one point, as we were just mingling and snacking on snack food, a car passes the baracades and starts driving toward out party(we block both ends of the block and put our tables and stuff in the road). Several of the men and a few ladies start heading towards him telling him to stop. He's a very rude young man who says he has to pass by this way since he always does. What rudeness. Oh well we continue on with the party.

Pretty soon we have most of the neighbors at the party and we're having fun. My kids are following me around like a choo choo. I have dd N, dd S and ds R following my every move. It's starting to get a bit irritating. I had told the girls to go get their bikes earlier and so now was trying to encourage the 2 girls to go ride. Unfortunately dd N didn't want to ride since she just wanted to hang out with mom. Ds R's bike is not ridable so he's out. That means that dd S is left to her self. I finally make the 2 girls go ride.

After a bit dh suggests that I go get the sidewalk chalk for dd S so she can draw. Good plan. She enjoys that. After a bit I notice a group of neighbors sitting down between shade and sun, so I sit down and chat. Dh soons joins us. Dd N is snacking again so I have dd S come draw in our circle. She immediately starts drawing hopscotch squares and then proceeds to do hopscotch. She has the whole circle of adults cheering her on lol. Ds R is in one of the houses goofing off with a few of the boys. So he's not bored.

All through the party, several neighbors mention there is a new couple that has moved into the block and that day are getting married. So talk of decorating their house starts popping up. Ideas are starting to spread. So in the early evening one of the ladies starts threading cans to decorate the tree. My friend D, who's mostly in charge of the party, grabs some plastic gloves from the ambulance that is there. Oh yeah, by the way, every year the person who is hosting has either a police car or fire truck come visit and let the kids see inside. This yr we had an ambulance come and so dd S and dd N come with me to see inside. Pretty interesting. So my friend D asks to borrow some plastic gloves. She then proceeds to have her dh blow them up like a balloon to help decorate this new neighbors yard.

So now we have colored balloons and these plastic hospital gloves covering the bottom of this pine tree. I wrote on the gloves "just married". Then others wrote messages on the colored balloons and we hung the cans on several branches. It was cute.

During the late afternoon, dd S was given a dog to walk. It was funny to see the dog actually taking her for a walk, but she enjoyed it. Eventually one of the older neighbors went for a walk with dd S and the dog. Throughout the late afternoon dd S ended up taking 3 dogs for a walk. She was having a blast! So she was dog walking while the rest of us were decorating. One of the men walked up to me and told me he was letting dd S walk his dog since the other dogs were getting tired. I thanked him. Nice guy.

Eventually it was evening and several of us were just sitting and chatting. The kids were still off playing nearby. Dd S was wanting older brother and sister to play with her, but they were wanting to hang around with the other kids. I kept trying to get her to cuddle with me, but she knew that meant falling asleep and she was having nothing to do with that lol. Eventually she got teary eyed and wanted her chocolate milk. Dh decided to take her since he was just sitting and listening. I was chatting/listening to one of our neighbors talk about her teaching days. Nice, sweet lady.

Eventually it was around 9:30 so I excused myself and told dd N and ds R it was time to head home. I was feeling bad that dh had to leave the party. I informed the host we would be back. We arrived home just in time to say good night to dd S. She was exhausted. I told the other 2 they were headed to bed as well since it was nearly 10pm. Dd N kind of resisted, but I was insistant so they did. Dh and I eventually head back down around 10:30, but most of the neighbors were headed home. We stayed until 11 when the rest of the neighbors got up and started packing things up. Nice day, but lots of tired folks.

Next morning was Sun and I got up to finish the ward bulletin. It was mostly done just needed last min editing. Dd S arrived into the school room surprising me since she had had a late night. I got her some chocolate milk, then cuddled for a bit. She went back to sleep. Eventually the morning got started and it was time for kids and parents to be up and getting ready for church.

Headed to church around 11:30. Dh had his weekly morning meeting. The bishop had informed us that he was going to recognize dd N for graduating from primary and now in young women's. She was nervous but excited. The rest of the meetings were normal stuff. After church we headed home for dinner. Nothing else was going on. I did do up the last of the dishes that I tried to get done on Fri but didn't succeed lol. Evening time came and time for kids to go to bed. We were all still a bit tired from Sat. Overall it was a nice weekend that ended too soon. Now back to our regularly scheduled program lol.


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