Friday, August 29, 2008

Not much happening

Thurs was a pretty boring day, the kind of day I like after having several in row of going here and there. I was considering doing school, but by the time dh left for work, it just wasn't worth it. Our morning started out with dh getting up at 7 and needing to use this computer to do some work. So I got up and started to relax on the couch nearby. After a few min I realized that my stomach was growling so into the kitchen I went to get me some homemade bread and chocolate milk. Sat down in the school room near dh and ate my breakfast. By 7:30 I was done so I just sat back and relaxed and doozed. Waking only for a bit every once in awhile. By 8:15 I realized that none of the kids were up so off I went to wake the bunch.

Ds was the easiest since all I had to tell him was it was after 8 and he decided he needed to get up. Dd S had woken up earlier in the morning with one of dh's phone calls from work and came in to cuddle. Dd N was still in bed and a bit harder to wake. She always is. I'm thinking next Sun evening I'm going to have all the kids head to bed a bit earlier since all the public school kids will be starting Tues. Eventually dd N woke and started stretching in bed so I headed to my room to wake dd S up. After a couple of min of giving her small cuddles I suggested she might be interested in some chocolate milk. Boy the grin on her face lol. By this time ds R was up and headed downstairs. Dd N was up as well. So we all headed down the stairs. Dh was still doing work stuff so I told the kids to be quiet and the girls watched some pbs shows. Ds R went online and I went back to the couch to snooze a bit.

By 10 am dh was ready to head to work. By this time the girls were up and playing upstairs so I gathered them together to say bye to daddy. Then I said my goodbyes and walked him to the door. I then told the kids that we would have our devotional in a few min. They pleaded to have me wait until 10:30. Well what's 30 min more. So I said fine.

After the devotional, it was almost close to lunch time. Did a bit of cleaning up, but not much. Had ds R work on our homeschool groups website. The calendar hasn't been working so I had him fix it. I told him I wanted what we had the last time. So he reinstalled the last calendar that had been there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with me getting laundry settled and the dishes getting washed. We actually had run out of big plates that were usable and on Wed I had the kids using paper plates. Normally we run out of cups but not this time.

Later in the afternoon I had the kids go outside for a bit. They had been inside all morning mostly being good, but I felt they needed some fresh air. The weather lately has been somewhat eratic meaning in the morning somewhat chilly and by mid to late afternoon it's been in the high 80's. So in the mornings we've been sticking one of our square fans into the window facing outward so the air inside gets blown outside. Then we've had a fan between the dining room and school room blowing in and the door in the frontroom open so the cooler air outside gets blown in. It makes more sense if you saw how our house was laid out.

Pretty soon the kids are wanting back inside so I said fine. I kept waiting for dh to come home somewhat early since he had worked many more hours since coming home yesterday. But he ended up coming home regular hours. But he must have been busy because I had emailed him several things yesterday and had gotten no response. One of the emails was askind dh if we could have the free pool our friends were giving away. They are moving and trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible before the move. I had told my friend that dh was very busy, and that if she didn't hear back from me by 9pm to give to the next person. She apparently knows I really want it because she's willing to give me this weekend to get a chance to ask. Also,her move date went from this Wed to another week due to the other house not being ready yet. So hopefully dh will have a more settled day tomorrow (or today) and I can approach him again.

Well, as I'm looking at the title of my post, I'm chuckling because apparently some things must have happened. lol So anyway, dh comes home just as I'm getting dinner settled. He greets everyone then heads upstairs to rest for awhile. The kids and I eat dinner alone, which is mostly have we do it lately. I then remind the kids that in a bit I will be doing some visiting teaching with my companion that evening so ds R and dd N need to watch dd S while I'm gone.

My companion comes a bit after our scheduled time. She ran into snags downtown. There's a biker party going on this weekend and most of downtown(which is relatively small) is closed to 4 wheel traffic. Glad I don't need the car the rest of the week. So anyway my friend and I go out and visit with one of our sisters. We arrive home a bit later than I said, but that seems to be the norm when I go out visiting.

I get the kids all settled and watching a video. Then prayer time and bedtime. This night dd S is having a hard time getting to sleep. Must be the warm evening we are having. Well, after several times of dd N coming down to say dd S wants me, ds R decides to have a talk with dd S and she settles. I surely appreciate ds R.
Eventually bedtime comes. So ready.


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