Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Well, now that ps has started, our yr has also gone full bloom. During the summer on Wed, ds R was volunteering at the local library from 9-12. Then we'd pick him up, bring him home for lunch, then the girls and I would head to the park for a few hrs. Afterwards, we'd come home long enough to gather what stuff the girls wanted to do in the car and pick up dh from work. Summer was very busy that way. Now it's the fall schedule and Tues has once again become our busy day.

So Tues take dh to work, get our morning started with devotional, do journal and math. If time allows, some reading or science video. Then just before noon I take the 2 girls with me for dd S's art class through the park and rec dept. They provide art and gym, but dd S only does art. She's active enough for her age that she really doesn't need gym yet. After her class is over with we head home for lunch. Then it's time for dd N and ds R's art and gym class. This is the time that dd S and I head to the "lounge" to meet with some of the other homeschool moms and just relax for a bit.

Once class is over with we head home. By this time it's 3:40. At 4pm we call dh and then generally head out to get him. This week, because he's on call, we've decided that for their church classes I will be taking them. Always a chance that dh will get paged and then need his work laptop. Can't use that at the church and often times it's too noisy(not bad) for work stuff. So once we got home I start on dinner. Get the kids ready for their classes and then we head out. Tonight, dh gets a phone call around 6 and ends up on this call until 8pm. So good thing I took the kids.

Once there it was evident that things were going to be somewhat quiet. On the 1st and 3rd Tues the Faith-in-God girls and 11yr scouts also meet. But all Tues(unless otherwise stated) the youth ages 12-18 meet every tues for an activity of some kind. So I'm sitting there on the couch with dd S while she's munching her later dinner of a peanut butter sandwich while some of the brethren are discussing some stuff. Kind of uncomfortable but as long as there are at least 2 of them I'm ok. I set up a DVD for dd S to watch for a bit. While sitting there, another brother, who has 5 kids, comes in with his wife and immediately sees the dvd dd S is watching and sits down on the floor with her and watches for a few min. Too cute. He asks her a few questions, then gets up and talks to his wife. Then they head down the hallway.

After a bit one of the young men, who is 18, comes in and sits. He had his wisdom teeth taken out and is still a bit sore. We all end up chatting about tv shows and movies for a bit. Eventually things get quiet again. Just before 8pm the young women come down the hallway chatting and giggling. As they enter the foyer where we're sitting we look up at them and see the reasons for the giggling. They have been doing facials and have mud packs and such all over their faces. Waaay too cute. Then they leave to finish up their class.

Eventually it's time to head home. It's now 8:40 and I'm wondering if dh is still on his call. As we load up into the car I remind the kids that dad still might be on his call so when we enter the house we need to be quiet. Well, once we get home dh comes out of the house to greet us. He said the call last until 8 so he's just been relaxing. What a night.

I put the kids to bed and come down to settle. Tues nights are always a bit of a struggle with bedtime. And Wed mornings are mostly hard in getting ds R up for seminary. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, but more on that tomorrow. :)


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